Make It: DIY Striped Neon Vases

Make It: DIY Striped Neon Vases

I love this DIY project! It's easy, quick, and -- like I'm always saying -- a great way to give thrifted glassware a kick in the pants!    

The folks at Ruffled had some fun with neon (speaking of, did you catch our neon shenanigans on Instagram this past weekend??) and I for one am a fan. Camden Chitwood of Emerson Events created these pretty vases for them with a few glass cups, rubberbands, and some fluorescent spray paint. I love the stripe effect, but it would be fun to try this with some different patterns or textures: lace, polka dots, or even some geometric action! What do you think?

created at: 08/23/2012

Check out more pretty photos (shot by the talented Ms. Amanda Watson) and tips for making these spray paint vases over on Ruffled!

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Miss Manitas on Jun 07, 2014:

So beautiful vases...

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