Roundup: 7 Fun and Functional DIY Closet Projects

Roundup: 7 Fun and Functional DIY Closet Projects

March is almost over, but spring cleaning has only just begun. I've shared DIY ways to organize your junk drawer in just five minutes and even how to organize your recycling in an attractive way. Now it's time to tackle the real mess, when it comes to organization: the closet. If you are looking for some inspiration to help you get through the re-organization of your closets and storage areas, here it is.   

1. Create your own closet shelving system from scratch

2. Neon non-slip hanger DIY

3. Picture Rail Shoe Rack

created at: 03/26/2013

4. Painted hanger idea

5. Add pegboard to a closet wall for additional storage

6. How to make an accessories hanger from a piece of plywood

7. Turn a wine box into shoe storage

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