Roundup: 15 Festive DIY Holiday Wreaths to Make This Year!

Roundup: 15 Festive DIY Holiday Wreaths to Make This Year!

With materials ranging from paper straws to actual living plants, we've rounded up 15 of our favorite festive DIY wreaths!  Happy hand-crafted holidays!   


created at: 12/04/2011

1. Ruffled Felt Poinsettia Wreath

2. Felt Ball Wreath

3. Felt Rosette Wreath

4. Paper Circle Wreath

5. Felt Flower Wreath

created at: 12/04/2011

6. Vintage Ornament Wreath

7. Holiday Light Wreath

8. Mod Dove Wreath

9. Fragrant Rosemary Wreath

10. Canvas Candy Cane Wreath

created at: 12/04/2011

11. Paper Feather Wreath

12. Peppermint Wreath

13. Succulent Wreath

14. Striped Paper Straw Wreath

15. Recycled Newspaper Wreath

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Anna Kinsella on Oct 14, 2016:

Hello, it says I'm not invited to your blog so I'm unable to get directions. How do I fix that please?? Thanks.......Anna

CapreeK on Dec 05, 2011:

Yes! Do it.

Chris Gardner on Dec 05, 2011:

Festive, indeed! I may have to break my ten-year "no wreath" streak this season...

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