Make a Mid-Century-Inspired Dove Wreath

Make a Mid-Century-Inspired Dove Wreath

Breaking my own "No Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule, I had to resurrect this mod wreath project from from the archives. Not my archives, but a project by Mid Century Modern Utah. As any fan of modern design knows, it can be a challenge to come up with a mod wreath. Maybe because wreaths just drip "traditional?"  But it is the season, and it seems timely to share this fantastic DIY, unusual, MCM design. Here's what I need from Michael's: (Don't forget the coupon.)

Here's what I'm buying to make one of my own:

  • Styrofoam wreath
  • extra styrofoam for gluing
  • glue ( I need to check on the best styrofoam glue)
  • serrated knife
  • yarn
  • decorations (dove, snowflake, etc.)
  • wire to attach for hanging

Here's how I plan on making it:

  1. Cut a crescent shaped piece out of the extra styrofoam
  2. glue it onto the inside of one side of the wreath to form an offset oval inside
  3. attach a hanger to the top of the styrofoam wreath
  4. patiently wrap yarn around the entire wreath
  5. attach modern decorations to the inside of the wreath

This is all based on Carina's wreath seen on Mid Century Modern Utah a few years back, but it still stopped me dead in my MCM wreath searching tracks. Visit blog writer Carina Acuzar over at JetSetCarina.

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