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Easy & Affordable DIY Firepit

by on Aug 25, 2011

Made with…Cinder Blocks!

Fall is coming soon and there’s nothing more relaxing and fun than sitting around a backyard bonfire with friends on a cool night.  But store bought fire pits can be a bit pricey and chimineas are lame.

But since you’re a DIYer and cinder blocks are available for around a buck each, you can build your own with a few items from Lowes. And it can look like this:

Wabi Sabi as hell.

Head on over to The Dirty Loft blog for the full tutorial.

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  1. Dale

    Air holes of narrow blocks should be at bottom. Also, a gap should exist at bottom to sweep ashes out of pit.

  2. Jerry Novy

    Great ideas, Have used cinder blocks for tomato plants for decades very successfully.

      1. katie

        I’m really not sure! We don’t currently have a tutorial about growing tomato plants in cinder blocks, but I’ll share that idea with the team.