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Make It: A Super Easy DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

by on Jun 22, 2011

created at: 06/22/2011

And by super easy, I mean if you have any motor skills AT ALL, you can make a bath mat just like this recycled cork one ($125) (shop other cork bath mats, and here)

Danny Seo from the craft blog Daily Danny shares this DIY bath mat idea.  All you need is a whole bunch of wine corks* and a shadow box/frame.  Then, take your corks and arrange them vertically inside the box.  No cutting, gluing, sealing, or drilling required.  BAM!  Insta-mat!

He shares a few other clever ideas for reusing wine corks, so be sure to check out Daily Danny!

*Need a whole bunch of wine corks?  Become a lush for the summer, follow along with Hannah at My Drunk Kitchen, or hit up local restaurants/wineries for discarded corks.

P.S. Looking for more DIY bath mat ideas?  Here’s another wine cork option and here’s an eco-friendly DIY mat!

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  1. If you fill in the gaps with silicone caulk (cheap and easy, maybe a tad bit tedious if it is a large area), then it makes it water tight, more stable, and toe friendly.

  2. Will definately use the silicone to fill the gaps …tks for that idea Steven  T.  !!!!!

  3. You could also hot glue the bottoms of the corks as you place them. Whn completed spray the whole thing with mold killer and let dry before using. Or take the whole thing outside each summer or whenever you start to see mold or slime and use a mold spray and hose it off. I really like the idea and am planning on making one.

  4.  Can you put coloured sand between the corks to keep them tight, and for an accent colour?

  5. I think one could make a bed of perlite and fill in between the corks with perlite.  no glue no silcone and the perlite will soak up the water.