How to: DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

How to: DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

When I first saw this project, I was instantly in love with the idea of a cork bath mat. I love the natural look, the simplicity, and the comfort factor.  I was even more in love with the fact that I could make it myself with only three supplies, and you can too.    Craftynest shows how she took her collected corks and created a great bath mat using a shelf liner and a hot glue gun.  She also does a seal test to see how her cork holds up to water sealed and unsealed, with a few pointers on keeping bathroom floors dry! 

created at: 05/17/2011

Doesn't that look fun?  If you don't drink wine, try contacting restaurants, wineries, or friends for cork sources.  I'll toast to this great DIY project!

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Anonymous on Jun 10, 2015:

Think we have enough corks to do the whole house ;)

Mistie on Jan 18, 2012:

I was planning to get a cedar matt for my shower but I LOVE this idea. We are big wine drinkers in my house and I've saved many of the corks so now I have something cool to do with them. So excited! Thanks for the idea.

js on May 25, 2011:

Sadly, I have enough wine corks to do this.

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