How-To: Make a Scandinavian-Inspired Coat Stand

How-To: Make a Scandinavian-Inspired Coat Stand

Until my dream of living in a Scandinavian Modern cabin comes to fruition, I'll just be content with simple flourishes of inspired decor and accessories like this rustic modern coat stand.  It's a gorgeous little piece that packs a big ol' Scandinavian punch - and its DIY rating is off the charts.  

created at: 03/22/2011

This project comes from the same brilliant mind that brought us that DIY "rag light" (a somewhat polarizing project here on Curbly): Annaleena Karlsson of the incredibly inspiring blog Annaleenas HEM.  This coat rack is part of her home project series for Emmas Design Blogg.  To get started, let's see what we'll need:

  • 3 wooden poles of the same height
  • 10 screws
  • Leather thread
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Hooks

When you're ready to tackle this Scandinavian-inspired coat rack, head on over to Emmas Design Blogg for the full tutorial.

TIP: While this project really isn't difficult, the poles can be a bit awkward and unwieldy, so getting someone to help hold them while you attach the screws might be a good idea.

Itching for some more Scandinavian goodness?  Check out this kitchen makeover or this roundup of beautiful Danish homes.

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coat stand on Jan 03, 2012:

I like this rustic modern coat stand. I will try it this weekend.

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