How To: Make a Scandinavian-Inspired "Rag Light"

How To: Make a Scandinavian-Inspired "Rag Light"

We love a good DIY lighting project here at Curbly and this Scandinavian-inspired number is beautifully unique and incredibly easy.  Want to see how it's done?  Read on!  

created at: 02/23/2011

This light is the creation of Annaleena, a Scandinavian blogger, stylist, and photographer (trifecta!).  I love its understated elegance and its ability to be customized to suit any interior: imagine a multi-colored version or a monochromatic variation in the hue of your choice!  To get started, let's see what we'll need.


  • Wire Lamp Shade (remove previous shade material)
  • Fabric (this version used old bedsheets)
  • Lamp and Cord Pendant Set
  • Wooden Beads (optional)

Once you have your light installed/hung, begin creating long strips of fabric like you would for a rag rug.  These will be tied to the wire shade and arranged loosely (for an airy feel) or however you like.  Annaleena attached a few wooden beads to the loose ends for added interest, but you can create your light however you want.

For additional instructions, tips, and photos, check out Annaleena's guest post on emmas designblogg.

Interested in more DIY lighting projects?  Check out this mod pendant lamp - it'll set you back less than $10.  Really.

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elseajane on Feb 24, 2011:

I don't know Capree, it's really interesting if your going for that desheveled mummy style. Maybe if it wasn't white...EJ

San Michele on Feb 24, 2011:

OK, the idea is not specific to this example.  Don't try to redo this one.  I like the concept. The technique has seemingly endless variations.  I once knew a woman who made hanging lamps from lingerie.  Interesting, but of limited market value. 

CapreeK on Feb 23, 2011:

Sarah - Ha!  Well, it definitely belongs in a specific style of home, that's for sure.

sarah on Feb 23, 2011:

That lamp looks like the victim of an unfortunate toilet paper accident. I'm all for DIY, but this would get me nothing but laughs and koo-koo-twirly-fingers-on-the-noggin from friends and family.

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