Roundup: 10 DIY Cord and Cable Organizers

By: Matt allison Jan 15, 2013

created at: 01/11/2013

A by-product of a plugged in life is that we are surrounded daily by a plethora of cables, a never ending proverbial rats nest of insulated wires.  

These simple DIY ideas aim to cull the clutter by neatly storing and arranging those pesky cables, and in many cases adding an aesthetic beauty to our daily lives. 

created at: 01/11/2013

1. Plastic hangers make great cord storage, from Apartment Therapy

created at: 01/11/2013

2. Use plastic buckets to prevent tangled extension cords, from Real Simple

created at: 01/11/2013

3. PVC pipes are great for to making cord and hose hooks, from The Family Handyman

created at: 01/11/2013

4. Make a supercharged cable storage box, from Two Loose Teeth

created at: 01/11/2013

5.  Build a custom cord-storage box from toilet roll holders, from Apartment Therapy

created at: 01/11/2013

6. Use insulated foam to tidy cords, from Martha Stewart

created at: 01/11/2013

7. Avoid tangles, use a sunglass case to store cords & cards in your bag, from Apartment Therapy

created at: 01/11/2013

8. Organizing your cords is easy with simple bulldog clips,  from Turnstone

created at: 01/11/2013

9. Use a glass shaker to make a simple twine holder, from Notes from the Patch

created at: 01/11/2013

 10. Use plywood or MDF scraps for to electrical cords, from The Family Handyman

Happy storing!

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Hi Georgetta, thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the article and feel free to post your own results when you tackle them.

Love the ideas.  I will some of them to use.  Mine if I post the pic back to you.

And we thought 'we' invented using the foam insulation for cords, lol!  Good ole Martha beat me to it.  We had left over pipe foam insulation from wrapping our pipes in the basement... hubby used it to keep the computer cords under my desk organized and neat.  We used 3 pieces, to encase all the cords, then tied the three bundles together with a string, and stapled the string to the back of the desk, so they are out of the way and it worked great.  No more mess under my desk, and easy to remove as the foam is sliced along one side when you purchase it, so they just slip in and out if you ever need to remove it. 

Great ideas here.. I wll put them in action today. Thank you ;)
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