Round Up: 10 Crazy-Cool Upcycled Lamps

Round Up: 10 Crazy-Cool Upcycled Lamps

Have you noticed that people are turning just about anything into lamps these days? I'm not talking about plumbing supplies or tripods. No, I'm talking crazy-cool, I'da-never-thought-of-that-in-a-million-damn-years kind of stuff. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Wannessa made this gorgeous lamp out of rolled-up tubes of newspaper.

Katarina Britse's spherical chandelier is made of--wait for it--rubber gloves. 

If you were an Atari aficionado, then Cebu Capucinis's lamp will probably make you squeal. It's made out of an old 2600 console and 12+ games. The shade too is constructed of game box art. 

Along the same vein, check out this pendant lamp constructed of old Epson boxes.


We've seen lamps made of old CDs and DVDs before, but this one is particularly successful. (That shade doesn't hurt either.)

An accent lamp made of pop tabs? Sure.

created at: 09/10/2012

This vintage art deco lamp doesn't offer a breeze anymore, but it does provide for some interesting mood lighting. It's available to purchase at Patworks' Etsy shop for $200.

Homemade upcycled vintage art deco fan lamp for beautiful mood lighting.

Stacie took a few old SLRs out of her collection and made this lamp, complete with a color slide lampshade. Click here to see how she made both. 

How to Make a Camera Lamp

Or how about a little Polaroid Land Camera mood lighting? LOVE.

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Lamp polalamp
And, finally, the Teddy Bear Lamp. I do hope old Ted has had a bath in fire retardant.

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