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How To: Make a Found & Foraged Scandinavian Christmas Wreath on the Cheap

by Lidy Dipert

How To: Make a Found and Foraged Scandinavian  Christmas Wreath on the Cheap

One of the things we love to do year after year during the holiday season is wreath-making! It's a relaxing and fun way to get into the festive spirit the whole family can enjoy. This year, we leaned toward our usual Scandinavian-inspired look, but using found and foraged materials. Sometimes, there is so much beauty in our own backyards or neighborhoods, if we just take the time to explore! 

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On Mowing the Lawn

by Bruno Bornsztein

The blades of the push mower go shlick-shlack-shlick-shlack through the three-weeks-since-its-last-mowing grass as cuttings stick to my legs in the humid evening air when suddenly a dark blob goes flying away from me and oh it's a frog! and it lands perfectly in the middle of the sidewalk and does not move and then begins to seep, seep bright glossy red slowly from its underside as though he was an ink pen staining a sheet so I approach slowly...

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Embrace Autumn with Our Snuggliest Shopping Guide Ever

by Faith Towers
Our Snuggliest Shopping Guide Ever
My Charming Wool

The days are getting chillier and the nights are downright cold lately (at least where I am) so it's time to start stocking up on cozy items that will keep you warm on those dreary fall nights. So today we're sharing ten incredibly warm, deliciously cozy goods for you and your home... it is possibly our snuggliest shopping guide ever. Click through to check it out.   

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Home Guide: Getting Rid Of Squirrels

by Grisha Bornsztein
Contemplative Squirrel
I think I'll burn down some houses today. Yes, that's what I'll do.
Fire, Flooding, and Poop.


Those are just a few things you can expect if you have squirrels or rodents in your attic. Since I’m in the process of evicting several squirrel families from my home (they never pay their rent on time), I wanted to learn everything I could about these little rodents. Hopefully this post will help you keep these freeloaders out of your space! First, let’s find out who we’re dealing with.

Have you dealt with squirrels? Let us know how you dealt with them in the comments below

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