How To: Make DIY Mod Storage Pods

How To: Make DIY Mod Storage Pods

Every home needs a "landing strip": that place near the door to put your keys, sunglasses, phone, mail, purses, things you need to take with you, and all the other important stuff that comes in and out of your home everyday. A basket is a great idea, or a storage bench, or a small shelf. 

OR...You could make these mod, space-y storage pods from a household staple! Guess what it is! 

Plastic cereal bowls. Bam.

Miki of Miki's design created this genius installation with a bare five bucks worth of plastic bowls, some spray paint, and a few nails. I love the numbers, as well. They remind me of that awesome white room from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

created at: 05/10/2011

Soup Anyone? [Miki's-Design]

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Chelsea t on Apr 27, 2015:

What exactly did you use to hang them I looked and couldn't find what you used, love this and plan on doing it as long as it's rental friendly :)

pods storage va on Jan 23, 2012:

I agree Alicia.   The design is just perfect!

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2012:

What about slurpee or froster lids?


miki40 on May 15, 2011:

You are right Slippyoink. It is a tube. I forgot to mention it in the English version. Sorry about that. Since my sons are using these pods, I wanted to make sure the entry is smooth and safe for kids.

slippyoink on May 14, 2011:

She wasn't clear in the original post, but to me it looks like plastic tubing with a slit cut into it and slid over the lip.

amber on May 14, 2011:

it looks like the opening lip is covered with something?? if so what ?


Alicia on May 10, 2011:

Oh my God these are incredible. This is perfect laundry room storage for all of my husband's electric cords!

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