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Interesting Wall Decor Ideas Using Everyday Items

by on Jul 15, 2020

Photo: Stitch Design Co.

Expensive art isn’t for everybody. Sometimes you just need a creative way to fill a large wall without breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging artwork on my walls… but I have some areas in my home that are just too large to fill with big, pricey paintings right now. So today I’m sharing lots of interesting wall decor ideas using everyday items you probably already have at home.   

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas 

Wall decor idea using hats to create art for a bedroom room wall
Photo: My Domaine

Have a large hat collection? Display it on your wall above a dresser in place of a piece of artwork on your bedroom wall. Genius, and oh-so-chic! See the rest of the space here.


Use a row of hooks as functional wall decor in a bedroom
Photo: Artilleriet Interiors

A simple long row of wooden hooks makes even the most mundane everyday items look super cool. Found here. 


Interesting Wall Decor Ideas Using Everyday Items
Photo: Teen Vogue

If you like to save the pretty bags you come home with after your latest shopping trip, try framing them and displaying them like Alexandra does.


Ways to decorate your kitchen walls

Kitchen wall decor idea - using utensils
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Fill that empty space behind the sink with DIY kitchen utensil wall art! Get the tutorial here.

Stretched fabric wall art DIY idea

Using just a piece of fabric and some wood, you can whip up your own statement piece of art in the space of an afternoon. Check out our stretched fabric wall art diy.


99 ways to use fabric to decorate your home | Fabric-lined shelving

Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Line your cabinets in fabric for a pop of color.


Living room wall art ideas using objects you have on hand

Books as wall decor
Photo: Stitch Design Co.

Even books make a fun area of interest on a large wall! Find out more about this dramatic space here. 


Plates as wall decor in a living room
Photo: House Beautiful

Plates are another great way to fill up empty wall space, and not just in the kitchen! Check out this and other fun decorating ideas here.


This vertical planter wall is a useful and practical wall decor idea
Photo: Vintage Revivals

Corral all of your randomly-placed plants into one spot using this clever wall mounted plant trellis idea. Get the tutorial here.


Playing cards are framed for a simple large wall art display
Photo: Design*Sponge

Turn a deck of playing cards into a beautiful piece of artwork by popping it into a frame … inspired by this piece found over at Design*Sponge.


Dyed wine corks - wall decor ideas
Photo: The Wooden Bee

Dye your used wine corks and arrange them in a pretty design like this one from The Wooden Bee. I love this wall decor idea because it’s so unique and simple!



Paint chips as wall decor

If you’re feeling really ambitious and you have a lot of paint chips lying around, give this one a try!


Use thrift store finds to create a cheap gallery wall

Create a cheap and easy gallery wall using thrift-store finds.


Nursery and kids’ room wall decor inspiration

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are great places to put your DIY skills to good use. Surrounding them with color and creativity when they are young will encourage them to grow up to be DIY’ers just like us! Here are ten great projects to get you started.    

Nursery wall wall idea with flash cards
Photo: School of Decorating

Hang a set of flash cards or alphabet cards on the wall, and voilà – instant nursery wall art. Learn more here. 

Photo frames using kids' things.

1. Make a colorful animal silhouette using scrapbook paper. [Photo: Babble]

2. Place an alphabet stencil over fabric to achieve this fun effect. Check out the full tutorial here. [Photo: Design Mom]

3. Paper is again the medium of choice for these adorable little owls. Find out how it was done here. [Photo: Ashley’s Thrifty Living]

Name displayed on wall with square boxes and decorated with heart banner.

4. Martha Stewart will show you how to recreate this fun nameplate art. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

5. This paper-punched garland is made using paint chips. Find out how here. [Photo: Chic Cheap Nursery]

Two kinds of wall decor for a baby's room.

6. Another creative way to display your child’s name. [Photo: 24 Cottonwood Lane]

7. An astronomy lesson and wall art all in one! Check out the full tutorial here. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

A baby in a white crib stands in her bedroom.

8. Here’s another beautiful way to display your little one’s name on the wall. Find out how to recreate this look here. [Photo: Aedriel]

9. This bunting wall art would make a pretty addition to the nursery. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Chic Cheap Nursery]

10. This monogram art is made using mismatched buttons… so cute! Take a peek at the tutorial here. [Photo: American Crafts Studio]

Nursery wall decor ideasAmerican Crafts Studio


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Interesting Wall Decor Ideas Using Everyday Items
Share this post on Pinterest! [Photo: My Domaine]



DIY Wall Decor Ideas You Can Make Even if You Can’t Draw

DIY wall art ideas you can make even if you're bad at drawing

Wall art is SO easy to DIY that there’s really no excuse not to have a go at making your own. Curbly contributor Stephanie Lee came up with four simple DIY wall art projects you can make this weekend, even if you’re terrible at drawing and painting.



DIY Wall Art Mounting and Hanging Ideas 

By Joann Moser 

created at: 05/22/2012

Another way to add wall decor without spending too much is to hang your art in creative ways. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say frames can be expensive. They’re oftentimes more expensive than the stuff we put in them, which doesn’t seem fair as it’s the art that’s the main course, and the frame is just the pretty table setting. Yeah, it can make the meal more appetizing, but still. Wait…are we still talking about frames here? Yes and no because most of these fabulous mounting and hanging ideas don’t even involve them. So, on to the roundup!

This first one is actually my own project using supplies courtesy of Dow Chemical, in which I mounted 12″ square scrapbook paper to styrofoam tiles. Make sure you check the comments of the post, however, as people are using some very clever alternatives to create the same effect. 

Nine square black and white pieces of art each with a different pattern are on a green wall behind a black table that holds two pillar candles and three short vases each holding a red flower.

 Paper ‘n Stitch shows us how to turn covers of old books into frames. Very vintage-y.

Books converted into wall decorations with pictures.

In this idea, a traditional frame gets some fresh personality with ribbon. Love the unexpected pop of color.

Pink string crosses over a white frame several times, while photos hang in the middle.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I’m guessing it’s an old wire mattress support, probably of ‘crib’ size. Any other guesses? 

Creative ways to display photos

Last week I posted a roundup of DIY Photography Wall Art Projects. One of them included an idea using pant hangers as a means of display. I’m partial to the look so I never considered using regular old wood hangers, but it might be a way to go too. (Make sure you click on this link for MORE mounting and hanging ideas as there is more overlap between this post and that one.)

Six wooden hangers with artwork attached to each.

Another humble item used as a frame by some are simple wood clip boards. I like the addition of fabric behind the portraits in this image from lifeflix.

created at: 05/22/2012

 We’ve seen old shutters used to display holiday cards and mail, but they work just as well for displaying photos.


Remember this jar/bottle idea from Photojojo? Still a favorite. 

Pictures are shown on the fronts of other containers.

One of my doctors has a couple textiles hanging in his office. I love them. Their highly patterned, bold colors brighten up pale spaces instantly. If you’d like to see how to mount such things, check out this article at Mara Mallett. 

 Wall hangings

I’ve saved the most unique mounting technique for last. Okay, so TAPE isn’t so unique, but Sarah of Harts Desire Creations decided to give it a decorative twist by adding fabric to it. Then she just used a couple of pieces to fix her art right on the walls. I kinda like the deconstructed effect. 






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  1. Thank you for this post! It’s been quite inspirational for me. I have never been a fan of “art” for art’s sake, perhaps I don’t have the vision for appreciating art and how to incorporate it into our home. My husband and I share a love of eclectic styling and our home is a reflection of that enjoyment. The wall decor featured in your post, resonated with me to the point where I could truly visualize it in particular rooms in our home! I’m looking forward to putting your inspiration into practice. 🙂