25 Alternative Uses for Fabric-Softener Dryer Sheets

Uses for dryer sheets - alternative uses

Here are some great uses for dryer sheets once you're done with them. Instead of letting your fabric softener sheets pile up in a corner, try one of these alternative uses instead! 



1. Dusting: used dryer sheets can knock the dust off nearly any surface, including furniture, blinds, car interiors, baseboards/molding. Also works for sawdust and drywall compound.


Use dryer sheets as a mosquito repellant

2. Keep bugs away: Tuck some in your picnic basket or under lawn furniture to repel bees from your juicy flesh and encourage them back to the flowers, where they belong. You can also rub a sheet directly on your bare skin to discourage would- be buggers from leaving their mark.


Put dryer sheets in your drawers to keep clothes smelling "just-washed"

3. Keep your clothes fresh: tuck a few fabric-sheets in your drawers to keep that ‘just-washed’ smell happening for weeks. Throw one in your dirty clothes hamper to prevent any rampant, residual odors from escaping into your bedroom.


4. Scrub your showers. Here's another great use for dryer sheets: lightly wet a used dryer sheet, and scrub to remove soap build-up and mineral deposits.


5. Freshen your home: Place (or tape) a dryer sheet on your HVAC vents to scent the air circulating through your home. You can even place one alongside your filter in your central heating unit to distribute the scent. Also works on ceiling fans, and on the back of box/portable fans.


6. Reduce static cling: Pat your self with a sheet to combat static on your clothes, stockings, and even long hair! This is one of my favorite alternative uses for dryer sheets!



8. Clean your laundry room: When you finish drying a load, hold on to the dryer sheet, and wipe down the inside of your dryer’s drum, your lint trap, the outside of your washing machine and dryer, and scrub away any excess or spilt laundry detergent.


9. Scrub the bugs from your car: Summer drives often equal insect gut polka dots all over your auto’s body and windshield. Simply wet your car down, and use a dryer sheet to scrub away carnage with ease.


10. Wipe up hair: The cling of a dryer sheet is perfect to wipe up pet hair from your furniture, or even your own hair from your bathroom.


put dryer sheets in your shoes to keep them smelling good

11. In your shoes: Toss a dryer sheet in the toes of your shoes to minimize odors and prolong the just-purchased smell.


12. While traveling: Place a few dryer sheets in between items in your suitcase to keep both your clothes fresh and to prevent your items from picking up any mustiness from old luggage.


13. In your crafts: Use dryer sheets to add texture to cards, scrapbooks, etc. Also use for reinforcement in appliqué and quilting work.


14. For diapers: Keep your used dryer sheets in your diaper bag, and roll one up in the diaper to prevent odors before you have to chance to throw it away.


15. In the kitchen: Soak cookware with burnt or baked-on food in warm water, with a dryer sheet or two. Makes clean-up easier than you’d expect. Also works on cook tops and dingy cabinet doors.


Dryer sheets can be used to clean paint brushes

16. Clean paint brushes: Soak your used paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet, and that pesky latex paint will come off in under a minute.


17. In books: placing a dryer sheet in new books or photo albums will keep them smelling fresh, and can combat the musty paper smell of used or old books. Also works as a killer bookmark.


18. In toilet paper: Roll up a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll. Each time you spin, it releases a little freshness into your bathroom.


19. As you sleep: keep a fabric-softener sheet in your pillow case and under your mattress or mattress pad for sweet dreams of summer all year ‘round.


20. While sewing: use a dryer sheet to store your needles while threaded to keep them from tangling, for paper piecing while you quilt, and for backing for embroidery.


Dryer sheets can help keep out mice and other rodents

21. Repel rodents: Use dryer sheets to keep out mice, skunks, squirrels, rats, etc from your basement, garages, boats, campers, and clubhouses.


22. In your car: stash dryer sheets under your car seats and floor mats, and in your glove box and trunk for fresh scents as you travel.


23. At work: Hide dryer sheets in drawers, behind computers, and in cabinetry to keep your workspace fresh, and combat your co-workers awful perfume or stale cigarette scent.

24. In you vacuum cleaner: Place a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag or dust containment unit. As the hot air moves as you vacuum, you’ll bulk up your cleaning efforts. (Make sure this is in NO WAY a fire hazard)


25. In storage: tuck dryer sheets in your rarely used items such as luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, or specialty craft or kitchen items to prevent the inevitable smells of basements, attics, and garages.


[Dryer sheets are chemical products, so read the safety label on all your packaging. Using an ecologically alert product such as Method will guarantee safer results]

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Cheryl farsad on Jun 16, 2016:

I used dryer pads for alternative uses and developed a life threatening autoimmune disease. They are extremely toxic.

Marla Gunter on May 26, 2016:

Another use for used dryer sheets
.26 Great for Straining paint for Air Brush and other paint related to be strained.

Katie on Aug 25, 2014:

No dryer sheets in my house. The chemicals and smells are horrible. I hate to think of their environmental impact. Ewwwwww.

JT on Jun 19, 2014:

I cleaned out the light socket on my stove hood with a dryer sheet, and suddenly it was working again, when it had not worked before.

Anonymous on Nov 04, 2013:

Road tar on your car?  A damp dryer sheeet (I used a new one - don't know about used, but will try it next time) takes it off beautifully with no harm to the paint or chrome and very little effort.

Pattie on Oct 13, 2013:

I never know if on all of these tips am I suppose to use fresh or used dryer sheets

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2013:

I never know if on all of these tip if I am suppose to use a fresh softener sheet or a used one.

Britt on Sep 20, 2013:

Also buffs out scuff marks on motorcycle helmets :)

Anonymous on Aug 22, 2013:

Am I wrong but it says to wipe up pet hair from furnuture. .as in animals sheds on my furniture. Not on the pets.. don't get angry if you read wrong..

a.r.g. on Jun 29, 2013:

Dryer sheets and other artificial scented products (glade, frebreez, etc) are extremely toxic! My husband broke out in a horrific rash from head to toe from the use of glad plug ins. Be careful with these types of products.

Anonymous on Jun 02, 2013:

I use cut up used dryer sheets when plantin gin a flower pot.  Simply cut the sheets into pieces just large enough to conver the drainage hole.  This keeps the dirt from washing out. Worried about the toxicity? Don't put it in any plant that will be used for food.

Anonymous on May 05, 2013:

I have used dryer sheets to take crayon off my walls! And to clean out a tar-like substance from my sink. Possibly a substitute for magic erasers?

Mandy on May 02, 2013:

Another use for dryer sheets that I have been using for years is to use a dryer sheet on your brush. I keep dryer sheets that have been used once or twice and put it on my brush and cut it down to size of my brush afterwards. I brush my hair with it and my hair stays soft, it makes my hair static free, it smooths fly aways, and leaves hair smelling good all the time.

Trish on Oct 30, 2012:

These are great tips everyone! I'm now on Disability and every penny counts.Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us.Very Helpful!! Keep on sending more ideas.

Marilynn C. on Oct 13, 2012:

I use used sheets to remove nail polish (with nailpolish remover ) . Its just abrasive enough to strip off all the polish fast, and then just thow them out !

Lauren on Sep 01, 2012:

All these uses listed are for USED dryer sheets. Unused dryer sheets are far too concentrated in order to safely and comfortably use on humans or pets. Recycled dryer sheets are perfectly fine.

Maria on May 14, 2012:

They also remove hard-water spots on glass shower door beautifully.

Anonymous on May 14, 2012:

I have some old liquid fabric softner and hate to throw it out but I don't like the smell.  If I pour it around the house, will it keep the sugar ants out?

Deb J on Mar 28, 2012:

They work wonderful to clean the bottom of a sticky iron.  When iron is cold, put just a little water on the dryer sheet to make it damp, and use it to clean the bottom of the iron.  I could not believe how well this works!!

nicky on Mar 12, 2012:

Brenda;  Thanks for the excellent "Swiffer" tip!

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