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Save Money, Get Fit: How You Can Achieve Both Fiscal and Physical Fitness at the Same Time

by Amber Dickson
Yoga mat and participant
Photo: RawPixel/Pexels

Generally speaking, we all want to be physically healthier, and we all want to be more financially fit. Gains in both those spheres really boost our enjoyment of life, but attaining both those goals at the same time can seem intimidating. Can you save money and stay healthy? Do the two go hand-in-hand, or do they butt heads? Read on to learn about ways that will help you improve both your bodily and fiscal fitness. Put these tips into practice and reap two-for-one benefits!          

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Paint Stripping Head-to-Head: Which is the Best Finish Remover?

by Amber Dickson
Deck stripper head to head: Which product removes finish better?
Photo: Amber Dickson

 My family moved into our current home last year and knew that come summer, the deck would need some attention. The whole surface was in rough shape.  The latex deck coating had flaked off in large areas and in the places where the finish was still present, it was not well-adhered to the surface. This project was going to require more than a quick clean and re-coat, so I decided to find out which deck stripper would do the best job.

After surviving my first New England winter, I really did not want to spend the entire New England summer sanding down the deck.  Summer in New Hampshire lasts for approximately one week and I was ready to hit the beach.  An internet search revealed several deck stain and finish removers available to non-professionals.  Perhaps this would be the key to an easy deck re-finish.             

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