What's in a Tradition? 15 Stories of Holiday Habits

by Amber Dickson
Holiday traditions
ShutterstockZivica Kerkez

Have you ever wondered why traditions are so prevalent and feel so important around the holidays? As it turns out, traditions reinforce important belief structures. They comfort us with a sense of belonging, and help us express gratitude! Traditions cement existing bonds, and create new ones. If those aren't reason enough for you to hop on board the Tradition Train, consider it this way: traditions usually involve food, and are usually just plain fun.

Christmas traditions vary in their details but the reasons behind them are remarkably similar. Read on for fifteen real-life stories on the importance of tradition, from my community to yours.           

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How to Write a Meaningful Holiday Card

by Amber Dickson
Writing a Christmas card
Photo: Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock

Sending holiday cards is a wonderful way to connect with friends and family.  Whether it is a few handwritten lines at the bottom of a greeting card or a full-page printed newsletter, the effort you extend is well worth it.  Read on for writing prompts and tips that will transform the blank page in front of you into warm and authentic season’s greetings for those near and dear. 

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