How to Write a Meaningful Holiday Card

Writing a Christmas card
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Sending holiday cards is a wonderful way to connect with friends and family.  Whether it is a few handwritten lines at the bottom of a greeting card or a full-page printed newsletter, the effort you extend is well worth it.  Read on for writing prompts and tips that will transform the blank page in front of you into warm and authentic season’s greetings for those near and dear. 



writing a Christmas card
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What Have You Been Doing?

Start by sharing, briefly, about the last year.  This is just a summary, your goal is to keep in touch not offer a year-end report.  As you write, keep in mind that life is never fully happy nor is it fully difficult.  There is always a mix of celebration and trouble.  While a holiday letter is not the place to delve deep into painful details, not referencing them at all can feel shallow.

Consider one of these prompts:


  •  Some words (or phrases) that sum up the year are __________.  Here’s why: __________.
  • A few highlights of the year have been __________ and a challenge that took place was __________.
  • A surprise that happened in this last year was __________.

Be Reflective

Think about why this time of year is special to you and communicate that in your letter.  Perhaps a sacred aspect of the holiday feels particularly meaningful.  Or maybe you are struck by how thankful you are for your family or are reflecting on how to extend peace in your sphere. The purpose of your holiday card is to connect and sharing the meaningful parts of this season can do just that.   

Reach Out to Your Reader

Include something personal for your reader.  You could wish them success in a project they are working on or inquire after a trip they took.  Reminiscing about a shared experience is also guaranteed to make them smile.


Christmas holiday card
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Remember This

Let your voice come through!  Your friends and family want to “hear” you so avoid imitating another style.   Just write as if you were in conversation with a friend.

Make sure that what you share feels authentic.  The highlights of your year might very well have been a promotion or closing on a new home, but you also treasured the time you spent with your grandmother organizing her photos and the oddball questions your four-year-old asks every night before bed.

Avoid This

Avoid flooding your friends with information.  Too many details will water down your letter. Think of it as a curated piece not a newspaper report.   Also, refrain from over-generalizing.  It makes for a generic read.  Instead of Our summer was busy but fun, write A big work deadline had me working long hours in June but we still managed to get up to the lake most weekends.



how to write a Christmas card


There are many greetings cards featuring great design and beautiful holiday sentiments but what your family and friends will really be thrilled to see is a message inside from you.  Take a little time to write a holiday letter.  It will be appreciated by everyone who receives it. 



Looking for a way to display your Christmas cards?  Check out this quick and easy DIY!





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