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Make This: DIY Paper Wishbone Garland for Thanksgiving

by on Oct 31, 2022

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 13 years now, and there aren’t many meat-eating rituals that I feel like I’m missing out on. I don’t crave hamburgers, I don’t really care for barbecuing, and carving a turkey isn’t my style either. Free wishes, though…that’s something I could use more of! This quick Thanksgiving decoration is as close to a wishbone as I’m getting, and after the holiday I’ll be ripping a few in half so I can make a wish anyway.       Paper chain wishbone garland DIY

This Thanksgiving decoration is made with the same method as the “people chains” that kids make in elementary school (remember? Little paper people holding hands?). It’s really quick, and really simple, and costs almost nothing to create. If you’re looking for some easy Thanksgiving decoration to hang this November, look to further. 


What you'll need to make a Thanksgiving Paper Chain Wishbone Garland


Wishbone Garland: Step 1

Begin by printing off the Wishbone Paper Chain template, and cutting out the shape. The shape is of half a wishbone, with the areas to be un-cut marked in a dotted line. Next, fold a piece of paper in an accordion fashion (fold to the left, fold to the right, fold to the left, etc.), with the width of the folds being the same width as the template piece – about 3.5 inches.


Wishbone Garland: Step 2

Trace the shape of the template onto the front of your accordion of paper. The dotted lines should line up with the creases in the accordion.


Wishbone Garland: Step 3

Use a few binder clips to hold your accordion in place, and cut out the shape. Do not cut across where the dotted lines indicated. This part should remain intact so the paper chain stays together.

Wishbone Garland: Step 3

With the paper chain still bound, line up the one-hole punch towards the top of the wishbone shape, with the hole punch hanging halfway off (thus punching a half hole). Punch the half-hole, and once unfolded, the halves should join to make a complete hole on the top of each wishbone shape.


Wishbone Garland: Step 4

String ribbon, cording, or yarn through the holes of the wishbone shapes, and hang your new Thanksgiving decoration! If the creases really bug you, you can quickly pass over each wishbone with a dry, medium-heat iron.

Thanksgiving decoration done on the cheap: Paper Chain Wishbone Garland

How to make a paper chain garland shaped like wishbones (for Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving decoration done on the cheap: Paper Chain Wishbone Garland

Inexpensive holiday decor: Paper chain wishbone garland

Thanksgiving decoration that is basically free: Make this paper chain wishbone garland (with template)
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Have you started planning for Thanksgiving yet? I always cook a few dishes for the big meal, and so far all I’ve settled on is that I want to make a pumpkin cheesecake. Oh, and a tofurkey.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your creative and fun wishbone garland. I am one of fourteen children and needless to say our family gatherings are quite large and growing every year. It’s great fun!
    I love decorating, planning and preparing for it every year. This has inspired me and I plan to use the garlands for table runners and make larger wishbones, that stand up for centerpieces on each table.
    It was very kind of you to share.
    Suzanne Downey