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Make It: Printable Cheeky Luggage Tags


Printable cheeky luggage tags

I was at the airport the other day waiting for my bag to come out of the carousel and after what seemed like ages, I finally spied my little black suitcase. Just as I was going to grab it, someone else picked it up.

My first thought was a territorial 'get your hands off my bag!' (don't worry, I didn't say it out loud. And really, why I was being so protective of my dirty laundry is beyond me).

My second thought (after I'd hurriedly retrieved my bag) was a silent admission that my black wheeled case looked just like every other black wheeled case circling around that carousel.

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Round Up: 10 Father's Day Cards to Buy or DIY

10 Father's Day Cards to Buy or DIY
Photo: Hello Lucky

Father's day is coming up fast (can you believe it's already that time of year?), and in addition to spoiling your dad with his favourite things, it's always nice to let him know how much you care about him with a heartfelt, handwritten note right?

And while that might sound all kinds of mushy, these cards aren't just for the sentimental types; there are so many cards out there to buy (or DIY) that are cheeky, sassy and just plain awesome to boot. Basically, there's a card for every dad so get scrolling to check out some of my favourites below!

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