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Free Download: Icons of Modern Design Silhouettes

by on Jun 11, 2012

 Hey, hey! It’s Modernism month on Curbly, and to get you thinking like the great modern designers, we’re offering a free vector art download of some of most iconic pieces of the 20th century. We chose all our favorite designs by Eames, Nelson, Saarinen, and the best of the mid-century designers. Read on to see how to download the files.   We imagine you’re like us – huge fans of these droolworthy designs, but on a budget that only allows you to own a few favorites. So, last year, we created this booklet of silhouettes so you can use them in your own life, decor, and projects, even though you can’t quite sit on them.


You can use these however you want; print out the PDF and put it on your coffee table, make a calendar out of it, use them in any number of craft and art projects, or frame them as posters! Since we’re giving you the original vector files too, you can really get creative (you’ll need a vector image editing program like Adobe Illustrator or the freeware Inkscape).


Get your free download: 

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" A  icons of  modern design Silhouettes" 


  1. Who was the original maker of these icons? Is there a name of the designer?

  2. @anonmyous – we designed the icons (Curbly, or rather, in this case, me … Bruno).