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MEGray on Jun 12, 2017:

@Nster I used a chestnut stain on the legs, Sherwin-Williams "Greek Villa" for the top rung, and a charcoal chalk paint for the base.

MEGray on Jun 12, 2017:

@Cussot That's a good call on the wax. I chose the chalk paint because I liked the color, but wax would improve the look for sure.

The brass label has the name of my alma mater on it! It was on the chair when I inherited it, and I've just kept it on over the years.

Nster on Jun 11, 2017:

What color paint did you use?

Cussot on Jun 10, 2017:

Did you consider a layer or two of clear wax on the grey chalk paint? For me, it would make the chair more inviting to sit on. Still matte, but silkier to the touch. I'd test it on a piece of scrap first.

What's the little brass label say?

Chris Gardner on Jun 07, 2017:


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