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Make it: Printable Christmas gift wrap

by on Dec 24, 2015

I don’t know about you guys, but for me Christmas is the time of year when my last-minute tendencies really come to the fore. It’s always so busy during the holiday season that between my day job, blogging, client work and family gatherings, there’s little to no time left to shop for gifts, let alone wrap them!

Colorful paper has scissors & pink ribbon next to it.

So anything that helps me save time and money when I’m frantically wrapping presents on Christmas Eve is a win in my book, and that’s exactly why I love printable gift wrap. If I’ve run out of wrapping paper at home or I’m after different patterns or colours, I simply jump online and hey presto, I’ve got lots of options at my fingertips. I hope you find this printable just as useful over the holidays!


This project is as easy as they come folks, simply download the printable Christmas gift wrap file and print it in colour onto letter-sized paper.

Note: If you’re wrapping larger gifts, print the file onto 11″ x 17″ paper instead so you have a bigger sheet to wrap with – just make sure you select the ‘fit to page’ option before hitting print.

Gift wrapped presents sit next to Christmas decorations.

Rolls of Christmas wrap and ornaments.

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  1. Where can you print on 11X17 paper? Do you go to an office supply store or printer?

  2. Hi Polly, I’m not sure about in the US, but where I am in Australia we can get our equivalent sized paper (A3) at both office stores and at the local printer. Large supermarkets like Walmart might also stock this size. Good luck with your search!