Print These! Minimal Bathroom Wall Art

Printable bathroom wall art: Scrub-a-dub

Decorating a bathroom can be tricky business. Not only is wall mostly space occupied by unmovable objects (like towel racks, shelving, or the tub) making the space tricky to decorate, but the washroom is also the most humid room in the house! When it comes to hanging wall art, you have to find pieces that are either moisture-resistant (like metal or acrylic), or pieces that don't need to stand up to the test of time. This is where printable bathroom wall art comes in. Talk about non-committal decor! Here are two, free designs to choose from, or to hang as a pair.         


Free printable bathroom wall art!

If you're like me, you're still hooked on all things minimal and Scandinavian. I designed this printable bathroom wall art to compliment the monochromatic side of my interior style. Side note: Am I the only one who's reminded of Ernie's happy song every time I see a rubber duck?

Access this printable bathroom wall art by clicking the links below:

I recommend printing these designs on cardstock paper, in either color or black and white. The images print to an 8 x 10 inch size. Once printed, you can trim the boarder to fit in an inexpensive frame, or hang as is (not recommended for a full bath where a shower or tub is involved).

Free printable wall art for the washroom

Printable bathroom wall art - watercolor rubber ducky!

Printable bathroom wall art - Scrub-a-Dub!

Free downloads to decorate your minimal, Scandinavian, or modern bathroom.
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While decorating the bathroom comes with its own set of unique set of obstacles, it's a space not to be overlooked. Let's face it - you're in there every single day! You might as well make it a space to enjoy. There are lots of ways to transform a plain water-closet into your own personal spa. In addition to hanging some printable bathroom wall art, consider bringing in some humidity-loving plants, hanging textiles and prints that bring you joy, and adding some unique and calm candles

We have more printables for the restroom - check out this free bathroom cleaning cheat sheet and get to cleaning like a pro!

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist + Cheat Sheet


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