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Comments - 25 Alternative Uses for Fabric-Softener Dryer Sheets

Eden on Mar 16, 2011:

I saw the tip to use softener sheets to remove bug guts from your car, but I also read a tip on another site to use on tree sap/pitch.  It has been dried on from July '10 to now March '11 and worked like a charm.  Greatest tip EVER!!!  My car had a lot of sap on it, now it looks AWESOME!!!

DesigningMom on Mar 09, 2011:

Nicky, I've been doing that for three decades now.


  1. A bottle of all natural  liquid fabric softener

  2. A garden type spray bottle. 

  3. A few odd colored (so they'll stand out when unloading the dryer) washcloths. 

Fill garden sprayer with softener.
Spray washcloths with softener and toss in dryer on top of laundry.

Eventually you'll be able to feel the residue of softener on the washcloths.
You'll not need to respray them until they start to feel dry again.
Sometimes dozens of loads later.
I try to keep half a dozen cloths on hand incase some "disappear" with the clean clothes.

nicky on Apr 29, 2010:

I don't like spending the money on dryer sheets but I did read one comment about making your own.   Soak old wash cloths in liquid fabric softener, then use as suggested in the various "tips".   

WendyF on Mar 16, 2010:

Interesting ideas, since I don't use them on laundry at all.  But why would I want the chemical scent of dryer sheets on clothes, skin, pets or in the air via furnace vents?

AZRescuer on Mar 11, 2010:

I've used dryer sheets on pets with no adverse effects. I made little hammock beds for my ferrets with a pocket on the underside of them and put dryer sheets inside to deoderize the ferrets and they napped. There was a layer of fabric between the ferrets and the sheets, so they were never in direct contact with it.

I've also used dryer sheets to de-static my poor cats. They were getting shocked everytime I petted them, and the dryer sheets put a stop to that. I've been doing this for years and no problem at all.

Different people told me about using them on their cats, and had never had a problem, either. Those cats are now over 12 years old and in excellent health. Doesn't sound like a big risk to me.

Anonymous on Mar 03, 2010:

At work we have cement floors, all the latest shoes have rubber type soles so we all squelch as we walk down the hallway. Very annoying.  If you take a dryer sheet and rub the bottom of your shoes there is no more squelching sound. Lasts for hours. It is great! These things are amazing!!

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2010:

Um, We buy the fragrance-free kind.  So that doesn't help with all the lovely-smelly-type tips.  But I do use them for stuffing cross-stich ornaments I make at Christmastime.

Anonymous on Sep 09, 2009:

I am currently in Iraq and I think dryer sheets are a great solution to a lot of the problems listed above.  The Army does not supply many accomidations to fix rodent, bug, dirt, and other problematic issues so dryer sheets would be a cheap way to fix several problems.

jrsjewels on Nov 01, 2007:

I am SO glad someone mentioned the problem with using dryer sheets on their pets. I prefer not to purchase dryer sheets at all, but there are A Few good uses for them. Here is an article I wrote on uses for them.

YeahItsMe on Oct 17, 2007:


I highly recommend NOT using dryer sheets on your pets fur! Pets lick themselves and would be ingesting these chemicals. This is a good article but I am surprise anyone would recommend putting a pet at risk this way!  

Angela_Romo on Sep 17, 2007:

I keep dryer sheets in the trash can under the trash bag to help eliminate some of the odor.

Kpuppy on May 30, 2007:

I always dust my television with a used dryer sheet after the laundry is done. It keeps the dust off and it reduces static on the screen.

megrockstar on May 24, 2007:

i never buy these b/c i figured they aare a waste of money, Im going to get some today! my personal fav: cleaning the bathtub!


knitrat on May 17, 2007:

Good to see your comment at the end, I can't help but point to some of the dangers associated with dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Many of the results listed are due to the potent chemicals in the sheets.

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