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Comments - What's the Best Bottle Cutter on the Market? We Find Out

DIY Maven on Mar 18, 2015:

@Capernius--You are very welcome.

Capernius on Mar 17, 2015:

I have been looking at all the bottle cutters for several months now & even tho I have heard advice from many many people & listened to what they had to say, the only thing that did was confuse me more as to which is the best one.

this review of yours has been extremely helpful, as I have just orered the Ephrem Bottle Cutter from their website.

I thank you for spending the money, taking the time that it took to test each & every one, and for sharing the results on here with us.

Thank You.

Milly on Mar 16, 2015:

Hi what about the Kinkajou bottle cutter?  Is it also good or not?

Staci on Mar 10, 2015:

Thanks, this was very helpful.  Appreciate your doing the leg-work on this one!  I already purchased the G2 for 1/2 off which sounds like a better thing than I thought.  But I may get the Ephams as well.  If I move onward investing in the Creators is a possibility.  New to this craft and your info was a blessing!  Cheers

AJ DAgostino on Mar 06, 2015:

I have some great olive oil bottles that are square. Do you have any methods for cutting square bottles?

Also, how would I cut larger diameter bottles, such as gallon and half gallon sizes.

DIY Maven on Mar 05, 2015:

@Sharon--You are very welcome! I'm glad you found the review helpful.

Sharron Briggs on Mar 05, 2015:

Thank you, just what I have been looking for, a comprehensive guide for bottle cutting.  There are plenty of Youtube guides, but who has time for some of those processes.   Good review, I am going to post on my Pinterest account.   Appreciate the time, cost and trouble it must have taken to produce this post. Regards Sharron, Norwich, Norfolk, England

DIY Maven on Feb 25, 2015:

@Linda--Both the CC and Kinkajou are interesting products. I wouldn't mind running them through some testing too! It would make a great "Part 2" to this post. :)

Linda on Feb 25, 2015:

C&C Bottle Cutter and the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter are missing in your comparison. Would love to hear about them too.

Murray on Feb 24, 2015:

@DIY Maven, I tried two different sized square bottles on the Kinkajou and as you are rotating the fist corner to fall into the space between sets off rollers immediately seizes the motion and the bottle is lock there.  Perhaps someone has found a work-arouns but from what I can tell cutting non round bottles is not possible.

Cheers, Murray

Murray on Feb 24, 2015:

Thanks for reviewing those cutters.  To be fair and objective, I recommend completely decoupling the scoring process from the breaking process. There are different levels of stress required to induce a break in a bottle depending on thickness of glass, type of glass, and the position of the bottle (score line)  at which you are trying to break. Typically the bottles are thicker at the bottom and thin out along their length. Moreover if the glass wall at the score line is not uniform around the circumference (thicker / thinner around it) you require a different heating profile in order to avoid spider cracks and other irregular breaking. The same cutter placing score lines in different positions on the same bottle will yield very different results on the same bottle unless you have a very controlled breaking process.

Evaluation of the cutter should really include:

- Ability to get a straight score line whose beginning meets its end position with perfect overlap and no divergence

- ability to place a score line anywhere along the bottle's length especially very close to the bottom

- quality of the score line under 20x or 50 x visual inspection for depth, and discontinuity (skipped spots along the line)

- compostion of the cutting wheel / edge (Silicon Carbide, TunstenC, Steel)

- Estimated or measured # of cuts for the blade's life

- Ability to cut tapered bottles

- Plus all the items you looked at like assembly, ease of use, shape of bottles, cost, etc

Obtaining a clean continuos score is essential to generating a perfect clean bottle break but even a perfect score line does not guarantee a clean bottle break.

Cheers, Murray

DIY Maven on Feb 24, 2015:

@Anon--It was on the list to consider, but we were operating within a budget, so we had to draw the line somewhere. I does look like an interesting cutter, but its versatility made us wary. It seems like it would only cut perfectly round bottles, thus making it a "one trick pony." The better cutters on this list in the same price range all cut square-ish bottles, like the Starbucks bottle I did. If anyone can confirm or dispel the notion that the Kinkajou only works on perfectly round bottles, that would be great! 

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2015:

I can't help but notice that you are missing the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter in your comparison.

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