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Comments - Curbly Video: Using Paper Napkins to Make Decorative Tile Coasters

Emily E on Oct 03, 2011:

Would Fabric work out for this? I assumed you could just leave the edges wrapped and cut the excess..

Bonnie Metcalf on Jun 01, 2011:

WOW these look Great and easy can't wait to try I love making things like this,,Thanks

DIY Maven on Jan 17, 2011:

@ v --No, I wouldn't recommend mod podge as a finish. To me, it always feels tacky, even when dry. 

v on Jan 16, 2011:

would you recommend mod podge as a finish instead of polyurethane?

DIY Maven on Oct 10, 2009:

Hey use water based poly.

Anonymous on Oct 07, 2009:

Do you use water or oil base polyurethane?


DIY Maven on Feb 18, 2009:

I'd add HARD plastic pots would work, because I'm guessing the dried varnish could wrinkle or crack on those really cheap came-with-the-plant thin kind.

DIY Maven on Feb 18, 2009:

Kestrel--Sure! The only thing you'd have to consider is that even glazed tiles aren't glazed on their edges or bottoms, so exposure to significant moisture could be a problem, even if they are raised significantly by cork feet. Although, I suppose you could always finish them (top, bottom and sides) with marine varnish. The same concerns apply to flower pots. Plastic would work without worry, but something porous like terra cotta would be tricky. Unless you finish it inside and out with marine varnish...? Or maybe that terra cotta pot sealer before you decoupage it....?

kestrel on Feb 17, 2009:

ooops, I meant iron on paper not transfer paper.  Not sure transfer will work for a printer.

Just did a quick search and it seems like you need to use the iron on transfer paper for printers.

Here's another thought...take the finished coaster and add little feet (wine cork cut to 1/2" length?) to it to hold small flower pots outside during the summer or inside during the winter.  For about a buck you can get larger tiles too, 8" x 8" and 12" x 12".  Decorate those, add feet for the corners plus an extra one or two for the center for additional support and now you could use it for larger pots.

Okay, what about using the same technique to decorate the outside of flower pots?  ooooo...or those generic flower vases you get when someone sends you flowers?  Hmmm....

DIY Maven on Feb 17, 2009:

I love the idea of using transfer paper. It seems like that would work, but can you print on it? I mean, will my printer 'suck' it in? I wonder if I have any around here.....

kestrel on Feb 17, 2009:

Do you think there is a way that you could take a photo, print it on transfer paper and use that instead of the napkin?   I was thinking it would be cool to take family vacation photos and use that on the coasters.

ageekymom on Feb 17, 2009:

Thanks for your reply! I just reread the instructions and noticed that part about unfolding the napkin! D'oh!

DIY Maven on Feb 17, 2009:

I unfolded the napkin and am using just one layer of it. I think they're 2 ply napkins, but I didn't peel the top ply from the bottom, if you know what I mean.

ageekymom on Feb 17, 2009:

These look great, and very easy! A question: Are you using the 4-ply thickness of the napkin, or do you open it and just use 1-ply?

DIY Maven on Feb 17, 2009:

Funny. I'm using Pinnacle 12 which has a lot of nice transistions and things.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 17, 2009:

Wow! Professional project AND video. How did you do the graphics? Get your outfit and project ready for Martha.

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