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Comments - Curbly Video: Using Paper Napkins to Make Decorative Tile Coasters

Phil on May 24, 2012:

@ Jenn - I used scissors to cut. I didn't flatten it before adhering, although it may help to do that for day prior. Easier to handle. Hope that helps :).

Jenn on May 24, 2012:

@ phil -- what did you use to cut it?  I was so mad they had the round ones and I just so badly want them to have the ones I want to save me work.  But its getting close to the shower and I need to get it done.  After you cut them did you have to flatten them out so they werent rolled still??  advice please???

Phil on May 24, 2012:

Jenn. Go to Michaels and buy cork roll. Then cut it down to the correct size for the tiles.

Good luck

Jenn on May 24, 2012:

Help, I've made 8 coasters as a gift for my sister in laws wedding shower.  they are made out of a napkin she planned her whole wedding theme on.  I have the coasters completly done and poly urethaned however i can not find 4x4 cork tiles ANYWHERE..  I really want to use cork and not felt as I think it will look better, but I cant find them, any suggestions?

Jenn on May 19, 2012:

Thank u for your wonderful tips this is legit the easiest project ever! Tiles were .16 and I mAde 4 from 1 cocktail napkin! I'm obsessed now!!! Originally I was frightened bc it was so bubbly and wrinkly but I kept going and it came out beautiful!!!!!

DIY Maven on May 02, 2012:

@laura, I found mine at my local Ace Hardware. If you can't find it, another go-to poly of mine is Minwax's Polycrylic Satin Finish. It's water base and dries crystal clear.

@Anon, no, they wouldn't get ruined at all. Just treat the finish like you would a piece of furniture. The wrinkly texture is much more forgiving than a smooth surface, so you don't really have to worry about scratches. Damp cloth to remove stains, that's about it. Glad you like them!

Anonymous on Apr 28, 2012:

What if I accidentally spill water or coffee on them will they get ruined? Btw they are so pretty and a great idea!! :)

DIY Maven on Apr 13, 2012:, do not put them in the dishwasher. A damp cloth swiped across the surface is all that's needed for cleaning. 

Jackie on Apr 12, 2012:

Thanks for the fastest reply ever! It is very helpful.

How did you wash your coasters? Are them waterproof? Can you use the dishwasher?

Thanks again!


DIY Maven on Apr 12, 2012:

@ Jackie--Most people might suggest just using mod podge as a finish, but beware it dries kinda sticky. There are polyurethanes out there that are marketed as non toxic. My favorite isn't marketed as such way, but it has little to no odor (looks like weak milk, actually, and dries crystal clear), and it cleans up easier than mod podge, with only soap and water. 

Jackie on Apr 12, 2012:

Hi, I loved the idea, and it seems so simple that I would like to make it as a project with children... But I think that the polyurethane might be to strong for the kids... Do you have any suggestion that substitutes the polyurethane and that kids could use? I'm really not much familiar with all crafts materials... Thanks a lot!

DIY Maven on Mar 27, 2012:

@pm--I've had no issues at all.

PM on Mar 26, 2012:

Is there any issues with hot beverages on these?


DIY Maven on Dec 30, 2011:

@Biz--Nope, they're ready to go!

Biz on Dec 30, 2011:

I absolutely love this, and your directions are so clear, which makes it easy for me (an un-crafty person) to do.  Does anything need to be done after the last coat of polyurethene dries and before use (besides adding the felt to the bottom) - I mean like cleaning or anything?

DIY Maven on Dec 18, 2011:

@Dana, I doubt you messed anything up. The wrinkles appear after applying the napkins with the Mod-Podge, but they can wrinkle a bit more with the poly application. (Personally, I like the look as they make the tiles appear more hand-made and natural.) Additional coats of poly will build up around the wrinkles, however, and make the surface feel a bit more smooth. 

Dana on Dec 17, 2011:

So I am trying this now and the first coat of poly has made the napkin all wrinkled...will this even out in the following coats or have I messed something up?

DIY Maven on Dec 14, 2011:

@anon...oil versus water base...I don't think there should be any difference. 

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011:

I just used an oil based polyurethane, I've done one coat so far. Just noticed you used a water based polyurethane. Other than the clean-up factor is there any reason not to use oil based?

Vanes on Dec 01, 2011:

Thank you!

DIY Maven on Dec 01, 2011:

@vanes--I'd say yes, but I'd print them on paper using an ink jet printer. 

vanes on Nov 30, 2011:

I was wondering if you could do the coasters wtih real photos? Have you tried it? If so, would you do it the same way?

Thank you.

Lindsey on Nov 22, 2011:

Any suggestions about a polyurethane substitute?

DIY Maven on Oct 03, 2011:

@Emily E.--Yeah, I think fabric would work. Although I probably wouldn't wrap the edges as it might get a little bulky at the corners. 

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