23 Affordable Organization Products to Help You Live Your Best Life

Affordable organization products from Amazon

True story: I am a little obsessed with organization. I love my home when it's free of clutter, I do believe heaven is The Container Store, and I get a serious rush when I've folded all my t-shirts just right. Maybe I am a bit on the obsessive side, but I think we all can agree that a clean home is simply an easier one to inhabit. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by junk, or you're already on a journey towards organizational bliss, this shopping guide is for you. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite home organization products from Amazon, all of which are affordably priced.             


 Kitchen Organization Products

Cutlery tray

Serious space-saver alert! This drawer cutlery tray allows for utensils to be tucked underneath one other, while keeping them organized by type. Plus, it's only $10.


Magnetic knife rack

If you've been on the lookout for a good knife rack to keep your favorite tools within reach, look no further. This one is only $16. Even if you don't have an impressive knife collection, a magnetic rack is great for holding all kinds of things, from metal spice jars to your favorite spoons.


Over-the-door organizer

It's time to corral your cutting boards and baking pans once and for all! This hardware-free over-the-door organizer is great for storing skinny items, like also plastic wrap and aluminum foil boxes. And it's affordable too, at $14.


Clear cereal storage

This is the stuff that Pinterest dreams are made of. Sort flours, snacks, cereal - anything you want in these airtight bins. Plus, they come with chalkboard labels, so you can get started right away organizing your pantry. A three-pack is available for $27.


Expandable utensil tray

Keep track of various sizes of forks and spoons with this inexpensive, adjustable expandable utensil tray. Starting at $15.


Pan and lid organizer | Organization products

You know what's annoying? Having all your pans stacked on top of one another, and needing to get to the one on the bottom. Grr! This pan and lid organizer is the solution to that pesky problem, and keeps all your cookware readily accessible... for just $15!


Bathroom Storage Finds

Tension rod shower caddy

Not enough room in the shower? Or maybe your bathroom is cursed with a lack of shelving near the sink? Thanks to this clever tension rod shelving system, you can instantly add shelving to any corner. Priced at $43, it reaches 9.5 feet tall!


Acrylic makeup organizer

You'll feel like a real beauty influencer with this acrylic makeup organizer. It keeps everything sorted, but because it's see-through, you won't lose anything! This rosy version is $14.


Plastic makeup drawer organizers

Maybe you want to tuck your beauty products in a drawer, but still have everything within easy reach. A 6-pack of these easy-to-clean, easy-to-arrange plastic makeup organizers is priced at $15.


Command shower caddy

Instantly throw a shelf on the wall with the Command shower caddy. It's a temporary, affordable ($7!) option if you need a little more room for your loofah.



This nifty little guy is called the Pop-a-Toothbrush. It can be mounted to the wall, and it has a protective cover to keep your brushes germ-free. Buy it in white for under $4.


Apothecary jars | Home organization products

An apothecary jar is a classy way to display your beauty products that normally come in very un-classy packaging. These glass-lookalikes are actually made from clear plastic, making them perfect for a bathroom frequented by kids. This three-pack is sold for $27.


Clothing and Shoe Organization Products

Over-the-door shoe rack

Keep your entire shoe collection organized and off the floor. This over-the-door shoe rack can hold 32 pairs, and it's only $24. 


Slack hanger

Pants are a pain to hang. They slide around on a regular clothing hanger, and they take up a lot space on the rack. Not any more! For $15, you can store up to 5 pairs of pants at a time with this swing arm hanger.


Foldable laundry hamper

I had a foldable laundry hamper for the better part of my twenties, and I have to say, I loved it. When it wasn't in use, or when I had to move, I just folded it right up like a box. This one is offered at under $17.


Wood hangers

Plastic clothing hangers are so "blah." Wood hangers are where it's at! This Amazon find is a steal at $24 for a 30-pack.


Stackable 15-unit organizer

This 15-unit stackable organizer is great for keeping shoes sorted by the front door, but would also be suitable for all sorts of small things. Plus, at $30, it's a bargain.


Hook hangers

Shout-out to our readers who own too many scarves (also me)! These hooks can help you keep track of all your accessories that you'd normally be unable to hang in your closet. Buy a 20-pack for $19.


 General Home Organization Products

Wall-mounted wire basket

Offered in both bronze and industrial gray, these wall-mounted wire baskets are a classic solution to your storage woes. The smallest basket is just over 11 inches wide at $7, and the largest is 15 inches wide for just over $8.


Foldable storage cubes

What a deal! $17 for a 6-pack of foldable storage cubes. Plus, we found this compatible wire shelf for $30 to pair with them.


S-shaped hooks

S-hooks can be used to organize every room in your home - this pack of 20 is only $8.


Small parts organizer

Messy craft room no more! This small parts organizer would be perfect for sorting any small thing: beads, buttons, hardware, Legos... Plus, there are 32 drawers to curb all the clutter you would otherwise misplace in your workspace. Find it here for $34.


Wire shelf on wheels

A simple rolling shelf might be just want you need in your kitchen, office, or garage to bump up your storage space. Find this one here for a surprising $27.

Home organization products | Amazon shopping guide
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