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Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

by on Aug 6, 2017

Photo: The Freelancer’s Fashion

The IKEA Raskog cart. It’s easy on the eyes, super versatile and best of all – it’s cheap. Ringing in at $30, the Raskog fits in most people’s budgets. It is sold as a kitchen cart, but it can be used for so much more. Here are ten great ways to use it in every room of your house.   

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

1. Put one in the bathroom and use it to hold soap, extra towels and other such items. [Photo: IKEA Life Home]

2. Or put one in the kitchen or dining room and use it as a bar cart. [Photo: Style Me Pretty]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

3. Store food items that you use often right out in the open in a Raskog. [Photo: My Ideal home]

4. Or you could use it in baby’s room as a rolling dresser. [Photo: The Glitter Guide]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

5. Craft supply storage is another great use for the Raskog. [Photo: Heart Handmade UK]

6. This one is genius… a rolling herb garden! [Photo: This Little Street]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

7. I’m definitely planning to do this – place your sewing machine on the top and your supplies down below. [Photo: DIY Inspired]

8. Another idea for the nursery… place it next to the changing table to hold diapers and wipes. [Photo: A Little Delightful]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

9. Here the IKEA Raskog cart has been used as a mini pantry! [Photo: IKEA]

10. And last but certainly not least, use it in place of a bedside table! [Photo: The Freelancer’s Fashion]

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  1. I love my RASKOG! I bought it while visiting our daughter in Cali. I packed my clothing inside a small suitcase and placed it inside of a larger one so I’d have a way to bring things home since the nearest IKEA to us is three hours away. I’m hoping to we get to take a road trip too soon so I can buy another one. 
    I use mine in the kitchen, but when I get eletricity to my She-ed and turn it into my studio, it will go in there with at least one more of them. 

  2. Happy to hear that you like your Raskog cart so much @DesigningMom! They’re just so great 🙂

  3. Unfortunately the RASKOG is $70 here in Australia…but I still would have bought one but I never had any space for it – not in the kitchen or the living room. Sewing machine on top and supplies underneath – genius! Next time I’m at Ikea I’ll be getting one.

  4. Yes it’s $70 here in Canada too. Perhaps we should all descend on the US to buy 2 for the price of 1.

  5. Thanks for these great ideas!

    Here in France I am lucky, it is “only” 39.90 euros (which is less than 45 USD).

    I already had one to store all my son’s school stuff but it gave me more ideas for the bathroom.

  6. It’s so interesting to hear how much the Raskog costs in different countries! Are they available in different colors, too, I wonder? Here in the US they come in gray, turquoise and cream….