Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart
Photo: The Freelancer's Fashion

The IKEA Raskog cart. It's easy on the eyes, super versatile and best of all - it's cheap. Ringing in at $30, the Raskog fits in most people's budgets. It is sold as a kitchen cart, but it can be used for so much more. Here are ten great ways to use it in every room of your house.   


Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

1. Put one in the bathroom and use it to hold soap, extra towels and other such items. [Photo: IKEA Life Home]

2. Or put one in the kitchen or dining room and use it as a bar cart. [Photo: Style Me Pretty]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

3. Store food items that you use often right out in the open in a Raskog. [Photo: My Ideal home]

4. Or you could use it in baby's room as a rolling dresser. [Photo: The Glitter Guide]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

5. Craft supply storage is another great use for the Raskog. [Photo: Heart Handmade UK]

6. This one is genius... a rolling herb garden! [Photo: This Little Street]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

7. I'm definitely planning to do this - place your sewing machine on the top and your supplies down below. [Photo: DIY Inspired]

8. Another idea for the nursery... place it next to the changing table to hold diapers and wipes. [Photo: A Little Delightful]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Use The IKEA Raskog Cart

9. Here the IKEA Raskog cart has been used as a mini pantry! [Photo: IKEA]

10. And last but certainly not least, use it in place of a bedside table! [Photo: The Freelancer's Fashion]

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faith-towers on Aug 18, 2015:

It's so interesting to hear how much the Raskog costs in different countries! Are they available in different colors, too, I wonder? Here in the US they come in gray, turquoise and cream....

nolwenn on Aug 18, 2015:

Thanks for these great ideas!

Here in France I am lucky, it is "only" 39.90 euros (which is less than 45 USD).

I already had one to store all my son's school stuff but it gave me more ideas for the bathroom.

Mary on Aug 14, 2015:

Yes it's $70 here in Canada too. Perhaps we should all descend on the US to buy 2 for the price of 1.

Anonymous on Aug 11, 2015:

Unfortunately the RASKOG is $70 here in Australia...but I still would have bought one but I never had any space for it - not in the kitchen or the living room. Sewing machine on top and supplies underneath - genius! Next time I'm at Ikea I'll be getting one.

faith-towers on Aug 11, 2015:

Happy to hear that you like your Raskog cart so much @DesigningMom! They're just so great :)

DesigningMom on Aug 11, 2015:

I love my RASKOG! I bought it while visiting our daughter in Cali. I packed my clothing inside a small suitcase and placed it inside of a larger one so I'd have a way to bring things home since the nearest IKEA to us is three hours away. I'm hoping to we get to take a road trip too soon so I can buy another one. 

I use mine in the kitchen, but when I get eletricity to my She-ed and turn it into my studio, it will go in there with at least one more of them. 

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