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A Big Bold Front Door Makeover with Sherwin-Williams® 2018 Color of the Year

by on Oct 5, 2017

Sponsored by Sherwin-Williams

We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary in the Curbly House, and along with the pomp and circumstance (I’m kidding; as much as we love our house, we don’t celebrate home anniversaries … but maybe that’s my new million dollar idea!), we’ve been busy doing a series of updates indoors and out. We’ve refreshed the paint, swapped out artwork, done some light landscaping, and made the house work better for our family. 

The front door of the house recently got a little update of its own with a fresh coat of paint. Read on to take a look at our new door!

The Color of the Year announcement is always a highlight, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with Sherwin-Williams on many COTY projects over the years. Check out last year’s post, using the sweet 2017 color, Poised Taupe SW 6039:

A two story grey house with a dark screen front porch and a few pumpkins sitting on the stairs.

When we first painted the front door, we chose a soft hue called Halcyon Green SW 6213, that was lovely. But over the course of five years, it has taken a lot of abuse (mostly at the hands of our children) and was beginning to look pretty worn down. 

When we learned about this year’s Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year, I immediately knew I wanted to try it out on the front door. It’s called Oceanside SW 6496, and it’s bright, cheery, and BOLD! It immediately called me back to a semester I spent abroad in England during college:

Blue Doors of England
Top Row: j.labrado, Dimples & Tangles, peonylim
Bottom Row:  isabellathThe Morning DistrictAndy P

Are those doors charming or what?

So we decided to change things up, and go for a front entry color that would be way more energetic and eye-catching than its predecessor.

A room has a light blue door with 9 small windows on it.

We started by taking the door off its hinges. Sure, you can paint a door standing up, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s much easier to get it horizontal so that the paint won’t drip. Then, Bruno removed all the door hardware. Trust me, it’s much easier to spend ten minutes unscrewing the handle and lock, that it is to try delicately painting around that stuff.

A grey door laying horizontal with a crystal door knob.

The drawer pull and screws are sitting together.

After that, we washed the grime off, and lightly sanded the old finish to give the new paint a good surface to adhere to. 

A can of latex paint sitting next to a pair of paintbrushes and a small red plastic bucket.

When painting doors, it’s really important to take time and do it carefully, but also move fast to avoid streaks or brush strokes drying in place. You want to always go with the grain of the wood, which means you’ll have to change directions at the panels, rails and stiles. For more great tips on painting a door, check out this article from Family Handyman.

A person is doing some work on a blue table outside.
Before starting, tape the edges of the door to keep them from getting gunked up.

A man uses blue paint to fill in the interior panels of a door that's lying horizontally on a work table.

After a few coats of paint, the door was done! Check out how great it looks!

A blue door is set near a plant.

The door has a cheery glow about it and has already proved to be resistant to the filthy paws of our children.

Congratulations to Vicki for winning the social giveaway we hosted for Color of the Year earlier this week! She won a design consultation from Curbly, five gallons of Sherwin-Williams paint and a gift card from West Elm.

Tell us what you think of our door’s bold, new look in the comments below. If you’d like additional inspiration for styling a room featured on Oceanside SW 6496, you can enlist some help from West Elm’s knowledgeable design crew to help select furniture, home accessories and more. 

Blue color painted front door with plant aside of the door.

A blue door with a black handle behind a green bush


This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. Sponsored content helps us pay for all the free, original content that we create on Curbly, and we love working with brands like Sherwin-Williams, who appreciate the awesomeness of a good DIY project. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Curbly!

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  1. Your front door looks amazing! Love the color! Am planning to use it myself and trying to find a nice gray to go with it. May I please ask what color gray your house is? The two really complement each other. Thank you kindly!

  2. Hi, debi! They gray we used in called ‘Dovetail’ by Sherwin-Williams. Good luck with your project!