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5 Minute DIY: Magnetic Scroll Frame (No Woodworking Required!)

by on Jun 7, 2021

Get ready, gang, because this is a fast one! I love having art all throughout my house, but I don’t love buying frames. They’re so expensive. I don’t own any rare art, so it seems silly to buy frames that cost more than the original artwork itself. I like the trending, vintage-y look of a scroll frame, but enjoy the freedom of being able to switch out art pieces, like with a traditional frame. So why not both? With a bit of magnetic tape and some baseboard trim, this DIY hanging poster frame is not only cheap, but also super fast to make, and ridiculously simple.         

Make This!: Magnetic DIY Hanging Poster Frame

This DIY hanging poster frame is so easy to make that I think I can write out the instructions in one sentence. Let me give it a go:

Attach magnets to baseboard trim, and hang on a string.

Yep, that’s it. Even though this project is just that easy, let’s look at the specifics.


Materials needed to make a magnetic scroll frame


Use wooden baseboard trim to make a vintage-style poster frame

To start, cut the baseboard trim into four pieces (they usually come in 8-12 foot strips). The length you cut will depend on the size of print you want to hang. My print ran 18 inches across the top, so I cut the wood trim into 20 inch pieces. Leaving an extra inch on each side leaves enough room for the hanging string to fit. Once cut, sand the rough ends of the wood.


Make This: DIY Hanging Poster Frame (no woodworking required!)

Cut strips of the magnetic tape, and apply to the flat sides of each wooden piece.


How to make a vintage poster frame

Tie a string to both ends of one wooden piece. Line your art print in between the magnets, and your DIY hanging poster frame is ready to be hung! How easy is that?

Make This!: DIY Hanging Poster Frame

Make This!: Magnetic DIY Hanging Poster Frame

How to make a magnetic vintage-inspired poster frame

Make This!: DIY Hanging Poster Frame

Make This!: DIY Hanging Poster Frame (no woodworking required!)
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This barely feels like a project because it took such little time to make. I love that I can change out the artwork as I please in this DIY hanging poster frame. Right now I’m rockin’ this plant print because I’m obsessed with all things green right now. What’s your favorite way to display your artwork? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to make a hanging print for a long time. I can DO this!

  2. @Stacy Smith It’s holding up just fine! I actually accidentally knocked it off the wall the other day, and the poster didn’t even leave the frame.

  3. Help! My magnets aren’t strong enough to hold my print… It is a large print but I thought that since the magnet strip was super long it would work out. Where did you get the magnets that you used?

  4. @Ashley Oh no! That’s no good! I bought my strip magnets from the Home Depot. I’ve linked to it under the materials list if you want to check it out. Best of luck!

  5. Thank you! This is more simple and inexpensive than some other DIY versions and cheaper than just buying one. Plus a project is always fun!. (Unrelated – is that a record player under the art? What kind? I’ve been wanting to get one.)