Roundup: 10 Butterfly Chair Covers You Can DIY

DIY chair covers are a great way to personalize your furniture. Here are some ideas of improving butterfly chairs with homemade covers: 

DIY chair covers 10 Butterfly Chairs That You Can DIY

I recently lucked into purchasing an old butterfly chair for $20. Twenty dollars! I'm currently in the middle of making it over and was scouring the web for inspiration and found a plethora of gorgeous chairs to buy or DIY! I'm going to attempt the latter. Check out the roundup of diy chair covers for your own inspiration below! 



1. A DIY cover made from leather complete with a pattern to download! via One Little Minute

sheepskin chair cover
Photo: PB Teen

2. Following the pattern above, you could totally make this furry option! via PB Teen 

3. Take your favorite Kilim blanket and cut out a butterfly pattern shape to recreate this one! via Urban Outfitters

4. A great tutorial for recovering an old butterfly chair! via Apartment Therapy

5. Tips for recovering with cozy fabric! via Pretty Handy Girl

Roundup: 10 Butterfly Chair Covers You Can DIY

6. What about the feet? If your chairs will be outside, try prepping the chair legs and feet for the weather! via MODFRUGAL 

7. Add pockets in a different fabric! via My Anything & Everything

8. These covers were purchased from Circa50, but you could find a similar fabric to cover your own! via The Brick House

9. One more to convince you that you need some leather in your life. via  Front + Main

Roundup: 10 Butterfly Chair Covers You Can DIY
Photo:  Sweet Paul

10. Finish one with an old wool blanket for a campy, rustic look! via  Mrs Meyers Clean Day 



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