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Tired of Red and Green? Try A Fresh Christmas Color Scheme This Year

by on Nov 13, 2020

If someone mentions Christmas colors, red and green probably instantly come to mind. But though they’re the default,  they’re far from the only choice for a Christmas color scheme. If you’re not a fan of the color combination, or it just doesn’t look good with your existing regular decor, why not get creative with your Christmas colors? Check out these ideas for alternative Christmas color palettes for decorating your home.          

Why are Christmas colors traditionally red and green?

Have you ever wondered why particular shades of red and green are so closely associated with Christmas? Turns out you can blame nature, and Coco-Cola marketers. 

In much of the world, there just isn’t that much green around in the middle of the winter. So when ancient Celtic people were celebrating the winter solstice, the holly plant’s green leaves and red berries were a good choice for a decoration that also served as a reminder that life would return anew in the spring. Early Christians were notorious for re-purposing pagan traditions to suit their new holidays, including associating holly with Christmas. 

Holly is partially responsible for red and green being Christmas colors
Photo: Ray Hennessy

The green and red pairing was really popularized in modern times, though, by the artist Haddon Sundblom, who Coca-Cola hired to paint Santa Claus in its ads. It should come as no surprise how well Santa’s suit matches the red of Coca-Cola labels.

What are Christmas colors?

Christmas colors are just the color scheme of your decorations, so your Christmas colors can really be whatever you like. Ready for some inspiration that’s outside of the red-and-green box?

Navy blue and metallic Christmas color scheme
Photo: Zara Home

This stunning Christmas color scheme from Zara Home features silver and gold metallics. Even if you don’t want to paint your walls midnight blue for the season, you can incorporate it in your Christmas decor in other ways. 

A tropical Christmas color scheme
Wreath available at Anthropologie

Take your cues from this wreath from Anthropologie, and go for a bright tropical color palette of pink, blue, coral, and yellow. 

Green, white, and natural wood Christmas color scheme
Photo: Kara Rosenlund

Natural wood, green, and white are a simple, Scandinavian-inspired take on Christmas colors. 

Worried your green tree will clash with your peach and sea foam color scheme? A white faux tree solves that problem. 

Non-traditional Christmas color scheme
Photo: Katie Parra for coco+kelley. Styling: Cassandra Lavalle

This Christmas color scheme of pink, mint, coral, aqua, and teal is a fun take on non-traditional Christmas colors from Coco-Kelly

Light blue, white, and silver aren’t a Christmas color combo you see much, but this hutch decorated by Fynes Designs demonstrates just how well it can work. 

A non-traditional Christmas color scheme
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

This colorful pom-pom tree from Sugar & Cloth doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the color scheme. 

Black and white definitely isn’t a Christmas color scheme I would have thought of, but it totally works on this tree by The Crafted Sparrow.

This tree from The Pink Dream has definitely got me wanting to experiment with a pale pink Christmas color palette.

Blue and raspberry Christmas color palette
Photo: Ralph Lee Anderson

A blue and raspberry Christmas color scheme is unexpectedly refreshing in this look from Southern Living

Ready to try some fresh Christmas colors this year? What color palette would you go for? 

Inspiration for decorating with non-traditional Christmas colors
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