Going on a Road Trip? Don't Forget to Grab This from the Drug Store

Going on a road trip? Don't forget to grab this from the drug store

There's a (younger) part of me that loves going on long road trips. I get excited about seeing new places, listening to hours of podcasts, drinking Red Bull - it's a freeing experience like none other. Then there's the (older) side of me that can only handle the open road for so long. Sore back, moody in traffic, yells at slower drivers, and seriously bummed out about how sticky everything feels after being in the car all day. While I can't change the fact that other people don't understand how a blinker works, I have been able to improve mood inside the cab, after I started packing this along on every road trip.              


Always pack baby wipes in the car

There's no denying that traveling can leave your entire self feeling not-so-fresh. For example: You're stuck in construction traffic and decide to snack on those Cheetos your bought at the last gas station, but then you have to use your jeans to wipe your hand off (no judgement). Or, you reach for the gas pump and for some reason the handle is sticky. Or, try as you might to keep things tidy in the cab, you hit a bump and accidentally splash energy drink all over your dashboard. What's the one thing that can solve all these problems? Baby wipes, my friends.

Why baby wipes?

You should always carry a pack of baby wipes when embarking on long car trips, because it's a multi-purpose cleaning product. Unlike disinfecting wipes, baby wipes are mild enough to use on the face. You can use baby wipes to clean both that spilled energy drink on your dashboard, and wipe Cheetos dust off your fingers. In addition to general cleaning, baby wipes are useful for a slew of other things on road trips.

What can baby wipes be used for?

  • Clean up beverage spills in the car
  • Disinfect hands after pumping gas
  • Washing your face for a midday refresher
  • Removing eye makeup (which you regret putting on before you left)
  • Wipe sticky hands after having a snack
  • Clearing dust from air vents and dashboard (you need something to do in traffic!)
  • Clean bird poop off your car
  • Clean grease off glass
  • Remove deodorant stains from clothes
  • Remove any stains (because eating and driving is sometimes messy)
  • Clean pet paws before they enter the vehicle
  • Wipe down pets to remove excessive hair
  • Opening the door at the the rest stop bathroom
  • Wiping a less-than-clean toilet in the rest stop bathroom
  • Clean kids toys dropped in unsavory places
  • Remove crayon marks

A pack of baby wipes in the car

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Road trips are fun, so long as you can maintain your sanity behind the wheel. Before your next big cross-country adventure, don't forget to pack the baby wipes! Your jeans will thank you. 

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