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Roundup: 10 Screen-Free Road Trip Activities For Kids

by on Jun 27, 2016

It’s the time of year when you load up in the car and head out for a fun family vacation. Here are 10 activities your kids can do in the car that don’t involve screen time.   

1. DIY portable Lego Kit

This easy DIY is perfect for the LEGO lover and doesn’t require mom having to “get the lost LEGO” every ten minutes. Check out the tutorial here.

2. Truck Spotting “I Spy” Game

Your little kiddo will love seeing the trucks in real life. Make it parents versus kids for older kids and the winner gets to pick the next roadside attraction or stop. Download this over on National Post. If your kiddo is not into trucks, there are many different “I Spy” printables on Pinterest, like this fast food restaurant version.

3. Chalk Board Activity Tray

This mama turned a thrifted cookie tray into a chalkboard activity tray. Add magnetic paint and you have something that can have multiple uses! Check out Jackie’s tutorial here.

4.  Audio Books

Download a few audio books for your kids to listen to while riding. Pack the actual book and have the kids read along or look at the pictures. You can find audio books for your kids at local libraries or the list from Modern Mrs. Darcy is pretty great too.

5. DIY Felt Memory Game

This is a game they can play on their own or with their siblings. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Friendship Bracelets

Once they reach the right age, your kids can get into these and they’ll never want to stop. For road trips a clipboard is perfect for holding the string while the bracelet is being made. Here’s the “how to” over on Purl Soho.

7. DIY Magnetic Tangram Puzzle

The kids can recreate your examples or make their own.

8. Kids Travel Binder

Make a binder with all sorts of activities and fun pages. Living Well Mom includes 150 different downloadable pages to put in your binder so go check it out.

9. Cardboard Stitch Card

This activity is perfectly contained. Kiwi Crate has the tutorial on how to make your own. This Melissa and Doug version is a great option if you don’t want to DIY it.

10. A Quiet Book

There are fun quiet books to DIY and fun ones to buy. Either way this is a great portable activity.

10 Screen Free Road Activities For Your Kid
Pin It: 10 Screen Free Road Trip Activities for Your Kid


There is nothing wrong with a little screen time, especially when the parents need a break. Hopefully throwing in these activities can help change it up a little and inspire creativity.

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