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Articles by sparkie

I just discovered this great website and joined. I have had a strong interest in home improvement/repair and interior decorating, as a DIYer for years.   I can remember when I was in awe when my sister hung ONE mini-blind for me & I was afraid of using a small 1/4" electric drill.  Now, I am a commercial/industrial electrician who has built and remodeled some homes.  I am comfortable w/ power tools including chain saws, jackhammers and all drills. :)I recently bought an old house.  It was a foreclosure right next to my newly widowed 82 yr old mom.  This house, well built in 1934, has been neglected for decades.  She has good bones but needs lots of lovin'.  I think she is happy I bought her!  :) Colonial Revival Cape Cod.This is my first old house to remodel so wish me luck.  I  have been "living" in it for a few mths now. Actually, camping out in it would be a better description.  I didn't even have running water in it for a while so handy to be right next to my Mom to haul buckets of water. Does that mean I'm low maintenance?  Maybe not the house tho.So far, have demo'd and working on replacing the original galvanized plumbing pipes, DWV & water supply.  Next, rough electrical.I can easily find ugliest pic of room I have lived in here.  It actually is a construction site right now but lots of potential.See Ya Around!