Bath Remodel, During, Suggestions/Advice?

Hi There!  Some of you know I have a whole house to remodel, affectionately named "Former Carnie Crackhead Foreclosed" house.  (I hope no one thought I was the crackhead....ha!)  2nd floor bath is the first room I am concentrating on.  I think I now have a fairly clear image of the expected results.  I am not a designer, but a handicapped-like DIY'er.  (Handicapped cause I seem to have to screw up alot before I finally get it good....plan J or K just gotta work!).

I posted a few pics but left links to more in case you want to see them.   (If anyone has suggestions on how to post better or posting pics, please share).  Nearly most in pics is either simulated,temporary or still untouched.  Most in this house is original to 1934.  House really was neglected for about 50 years and in some ways that was good...preserved under 98 coats of paint, etc.


I am restoring house to 1930's country urban beachy cottage...Is that too complex or ecelectric?  Bath is really small, like 4.5' X 5.5'.  Wall behind toilet curves to make headroom for a man 6' standing in front of toilet.


Entrance to 2nd flr bath atop stairway:  Curved plaster wall but may not be in shot,  unstripped door/frame (strip to distressed finish w/ some bare wood & restore hardware), only tinted primer but thinking pale blue-green like tuquoise tint.  (DIY Maven Rosie..I'll go to the paint preview program now) ;)


Bath Remodel, During, Suggestions/Advice?

"Vanity" Area:  Simulated vanity 24" W X 12" D X 30" H, Simul. recessed medicine cabinet (country look), adding 2 gang electrical wall box, new recessed wall cavity shelving (grren tinted glass shelves?), sink? (vessel or above counter or wall mount on/recessed into a "vanity top"?, temporary light fixture, black hole in wall is heat supply duct which I restored & painted black.  Having original grills sandblasted to bare metal & I'll clear finish for a brushed metal look.



 New beadboard wainscoting in white but I dislike white so will tint off white/almond, add shallow wall plate shelf to top of beadboard, toilet will replace w/ almond/bisque, trashed oak floor I plan to give a wash of paint to give extra water protection since bath (color?). baseboard match to existing house.



Inspirational Piece, my grnadma's as is...wood/glass serving tray:  Colored illustration of street scene in Miami, 1950's w/ Cuba influence?  Lots of blue-greens and terra cotta colored roof toles which I love.

More pics:  (having a difficult time making clickable links so only one now.)

Tub & exterior window: 


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joalem on Feb 24, 2007:

....I am just beginning to fix up my older, very small house....and though trying to keep costs down, I can't help but think that, for a very small bath, a corner toilet is the way to go.  I have seen one in a friend's house, and the space saving is great; Iknow it's a small, functional room, but if in the house long term, it would add a lot of character!

joalem on Feb 24, 2007:

...I am just starting to fix up my house (after deciding to stay in it rather than buy bigger and newer (and pay a lot more!), and have found that you can buy a "corner" toilet....a good bit more expensive, but I have seen one in a friend's house and they make for a LOT more space in such a small bath....if in the home long-term, I would go for that!

sparkie on Jan 29, 2007:

Progress:  Ordered small lav sink...probably use a kitchen wall cabinet & convert into a vanity...found (2) BURIED electrical junction boxes in wall so that solves mystery wires coming out of wall & is a major electrical no-no.(originally wall sconces)...stripped wood door/window trim to a distressed level & sealed w/ gloss polyurethane (poly to protect but also puts an urban twist to country distressed paint finish).

Plan to pick up a wood medicine cabinet tomorrow to recess into wall tomorrow.  Need (2) narrow wall scones to fit  in space allowed.  Will pick out sink & tub faucets after sink arrives.  Then will paint the oak floor that is in terrible condition and paint will give good waterproofing.

sparkie on Jan 23, 2007:

Hey AndreaR, your bathroom looks great.  I need to take a closer look at some of your other remodeled rooms.  Thanks!

AndreaR on Jan 23, 2007:

Caulk every crack you can too. Also, we just finished our bathroom in August with a similar theme. See my Flickr set if you need some inspiration, although my bathroom is slightly larger than yours. :)

We went with beadboard all the way around, higher than yours to match original line, a chair rail over that and a light green paint. Fixtures, even lights, were chrome or brushed nickel. I slapped up many coats of white bathroom paint everywhere.

And don't forget the caulk. (note to self: write caulk post.)

sparkie on Jan 23, 2007:

P.S. Limiting beadboard to only one wall cause others are surrounding bath and I will be hesitantily adding a hand shower for occassional use.  I would rather have exposed plaster to watch for water damage/seepage vs a skin that I can;t see what is going on behind. 

I could add a piece of bbeadboard behind toilet & stop at tub but I decided not...don't remember why.  Would beadboard on only 1 wall look disjointed or shrink visual space?  Am trying to use visual expanding finishes, i.e. light colors, glass, mirror, shine, consistant materials, etc.

sparkie on Jan 23, 2007:

Those are some good solid suggestions but most won't work here.  I already have beadboard up but maybe not noticeable in pics, i want to keep solid oak floor but "white" wash it, ped. sinks suck at storage so stubbornily insisting on vanity of some creative type like kit. wall cabinet (12" depth), over toilet wall is curved inward unless short but still head crashing situation.  Those would work in a normal bath.  Thanks anyway.

jasimar on Jan 23, 2007:

I would liquid nails some cute beadboard half way down, trim it out nicely.  I can tile a floor, but if you're not up for it vinyl tiling would be fine over some 1/4" plywood subflooring.  There's also some fabulous laminate at Ikea, I think.  Then I'd paint it a nice blue, add an inexpensive ped.sink, deep medicine cabinet and an over toilet cabinet/towel rack (mine was $20 at Target and matched the beadboard theme).

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