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Diminutive Bath Vanity/Sink…Small Bath

by on Jan 7, 2007

[ Added:  I just got out the tape measure, paper & pencil.  Sure measures small.  Overall, 4’10” X 5’10”.  The slope in ceiling starts almost immediately and reaches 6′ clearance about 38″ into bath, just above the stool. (Not for a tall man, huh!) Even this diminutive vanity at 12″ deep may be too much.  At about 8″ a vanity would start into the traffic pattern/doorway.  Maybe some creative shallow storage solution is available.  I don’t like pedestal sinks cause loss of storage.  I actually think that should be illegal.  Absolute max width on “vanity” would be 24″.  Existing sink protudes from wall at 13″ :)]

I have a very small bath, not powder room. Only have a tub w/ no shower, small sq footage (haven’t measured yet), sloped, curved ceiling to rear. Looking for compact ideas like diminutive sink/vanity. (Yea, I never heard that term before in this way so I had to look it up). In a word: tiny.

I have been seeing these shallow vanities around and thinking that way. Maybe a bar sink vs standard lav. Narrrow spaced faucet or single hole, maybe mounted in a corner.

Is this correct: From a designing point of view, adding horizontal lines (wallpaper, wainscoting), using light colors, using similiar colors/finishes, shiny/reflective stuff , lots of light would add visual space. It has a window in it w/ nice views from the throne, but will replace this jalousie type w/ a good quality vinyl. Double hung or maybe slider in this case cause I plan to have a handheld occasion shower option in this room. Then, no horizonatal plane for water to rest on??

I would like to stick around the original 1934 look. I’m gonna use beadboard wainscoting, probably stick w/ a cream white, resurface tub (Not DIYing that)in same, “whitewash” paint the trashed solid oak floor, maybe scrape most of paint layers off pine trim for a distressed look.

Anyway, I tried to find some of these diminutive vanities online but no luck. Can’t remember what box stores I saw them in.

This photo (below) was in an This Old House article but no reference to manu.

Got any other ideas/suggestions.


A white sink is set into a light wooden cabinet.

Existing, probably self-explanatory:

A bathroom sink with its plumbing ripped out of the wall.

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