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Roundup: 14 Quick and Easy Valentine Treats

by on Feb 11, 2011

Whipping up something special for that special someone doesn’t have to take much time. In the case of most of these sweet treats, a few minutes is all that’s required! From dips to whips, there’s something for everyone.

Your Home Based Mom tells us how to successfully dip an Oreo. (Pictured above.)

Susie’s Confections does some dipping too. (Looks like she’ll dip just about anything.)

Macroons and cookies are the complete choice for any parties.

Pretzels, Hershey’s Kisses and M&M’s?? Yes, please!

Decorative cookies made with pretzels and M&Ms.

Crispix Cereal gets a makeover with this Sweet Minglers recipe from Nestle. (This would be cute bagged up in cellophane with some red M & M’s thrown in for color.)

Sweet Minglers

Chex Mix has never been more festive…or colorful.


This white peppermint bark takes all of 5 minutes to whip up. (Also sweet in cellophane with a pretty ribbon.)

Looking for something a little more sophisticated in your Valentine’s treat? How about dipped fruit?

Dipped Fruit

And speaking of strawberries, how about Valentine Night Strawberries? (They’re filled with softened cream cheese, walnuts and confectioner’s sugar.)

Valentine Night Strawberries Recipe

These Strawberry NILLA Nibbles are simple and elegant.

Delicious Valentines theme party recipes.







Store-bought Ladyfingers with Chocolate Dipping Sauce infused with coffee and Kahlua…yeah, baby.

Crisp Ladyfingers with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

To cool your steamy Valentine, you might opt for a Very Raspberry Frappe.

Very Raspberry Frappe

If cherries are more your style, here’s a Chocolate Cherry Milkshake.

Mmmmidnight Mousse.

And to warm things back up, Paula Deen’s Peppermint Chocolate Coffee:

Picture of Peppermint Chocolate Coffee Recipe

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