Make a Moorish-esque Lamp

Make a Moorish-esque Lamp

Remember the doily lamp from a few days ago? Yeah, well this creation by intructabler stregoi blows that baby out of the water, if you ask me. And just one of the things I like better about it is we have a tutorial to make one for ourselves.         

Moresque lampe

Stregoi says you can use cardboard, aluminum, plastic, plywood...just about anything...to make it. In stregoi's case, 3mm plywood was used. The individual slats of material are held together with brads (aka paperclips). 

For the entire tutorial, follow this jump to Instructables. (Wait'll you see it illuminated. Gorgeous.)


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DesigningMom on Jan 22, 2011:

Me too Maven.

DIY Maven on Jan 22, 2011:

DM--That's what I thought it was made of when I first saw it. ;)

DesigningMom on Jan 21, 2011:

Wow that's awesome Maven. I wonder if I could do something similar with all the fudgesicle sticks I've been saving?

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