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Shari on Feb 01, 2011:

Wonderful! Thank you for the link, lacey.  I just saw this lamp on DailyCandy and thought, "this is absolutely DIY". 

If you don't have vintage doilies around, you can get lace at your fabric store, cut around the patterns within it.  Then you can always create either an aged affect by soaking it in tea or coffee or make it any color you want with dye or staining juices (cranberry, pomegranate, blueberry, etc.).



DIY Maven on Jan 29, 2011:

lacy.....that is FABulous!!!! I think I actually like their version better than this one. Thank you SO MUCH for providing a link!!!!!!

lacey on Jan 28, 2011:

I stumbled upon this tutorial, and came back to tell you about it.


Katie on Jan 19, 2011:

Yes!  My sister and I were discussing this project yesterday.  We were toying with the idea of using a beach ball (or a plastic one from the grocery store but those aren't reusable) and fabric stiffener.  Maybe others have better ideas?  We want to try this.  I am also thinking of making a pendant with the selvedge edges of fabric scraps from my sewing projects.

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