Totally DIYable LEGO Toy Box

Ogle Wooden Toy Box

I spent several hours on Christmas putting together various LEGO sets for my nephew, Gavin. After the first set, he grabbed the next and the next. I couldn't say no, as I, like Gavin, love the LEGOs. Which is why I'm thinking this LEGO brick toy box might be in Gavin's future. Called the Ogle Toy Box, it'll set you back about 300 bucks (US), but it looks easily DIYable. We'd probably use plywood--not less than 1/2"--for the box itself and a 2x4's and a 3" hole saw for the studs.

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Tiff on Sep 08, 2014:

I was wondering if you had instructions on how to make the lego toy box ?

Thanks .

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