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Cleaning that funky, cloudy glassware

by on Feb 13, 2007

Anybody that has hard water can attest that cloudy glassware can be a major pain. I’ve always used the standard advice to soak them in warm vinegar, and it works, but not for very long and it always comes back worse. Check out my funky glass:




Yep, that’s pretty heinous. I was thinking of getting rid of those glasses and just buying some new when my mother gave me a great tip. Use white toothpaste to scrub the glasses. It will remove the deposits and apparently, help aid in keeping them from coming back. So I tested this theory out.


First, get some cheap dollar store white toothpaste. The cheaper, the better. Then scrub the toothpaste all over the glass like so:


 Use an old toothbrush, unless you don't mind brushing your teeth with a completely funky toothbrush.


 Rinse thoroughly and voila! Your drinking glasses are like new again:

 Much, much better, yo!


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  1. Maybe I am doing something incorrectly- I have this product too – do you soak glasses in it?