Gorgeous Desks for the DIYer

Suitcase desk

A few desk round ups I came across this morning got me thinking about DIY desk ideas. The suitcase desk above is smart, but probably not that functional. Building one out of books seems appropriate for a library (as below), but not for the home office.

Library desk built out of books.

Chris's galvanized pipe desk from our Make It! Hardware Store Decor eBook (on sale right now!) is a really simple, sleek-looking desk you can make with readily-available materials:

Hardware store decor pipe desk

This Curbly post has a great idea for a simple Ikea-hacked desk in the comments (thanks Bill!):

Ikea hacked desk

Curbly member Krasdale recently had a great post on building an inexpensive desk for a small space:

DIY desk for a cramped apartment

This desk from Flickr user joseperezfm looks expensive, but it's actually a DIY project (click through for pics of the build):

I LOVE this idea for a DIY door desk: just an old, weathered door, two sawhorses and a piece of glass to go over the top. Looks very polished, from the & unlimited studio:

DIY shabby chic door desk

And, a few months back, Curbly guest-blogger Kibwe Daisy gave us a peek at what his own homemade modern walnut desk looks like:

Modern walnut DIY desk

What are your favorite ideas for DIY home-office desks? Got any good plans you want to share? Leave them in the comments!

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DIY Phil on Oct 30, 2012:

That briefcase desk is truly one of a kind! So cool!

dantimdad on Dec 02, 2010:

Check out mine in my blog.  Now, I used a freebie piece of countertop, but there are many inexpensive choices and it works very well.

Covering the file cabinet with cloth was a snap and really spruced it up.

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