How to Cover a Countertop with Pennies

How to Cover a Countertop with Pennies

If you liked the tiled penny floor idea, then you'll love Michael's penny countertop. He says the project was quite easy and took approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete. He used about $77 in pennies, which, including his other supplies, came to about $7.50 a square foot. Cheaper than granite!

Complete instructions explaining how to tackle such a project yourself can be found over at Make. You can read more about the countertop at artifacturestudios.com.

Via AT Chicago.

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tamala on Feb 06, 2015:

I love it. Think it would be a great project.

Marie on Jun 19, 2012:

Ok, let's be nice!! We're here to see the beautiful counter top Michael made, and it is a beauty, not to get critical regarding anyones decorating abilities! Be kind!


Jill Raimondo, Las Vegas on Jan 23, 2011:

Amazing.......My favorite color.  I raise my hat to you.  What a fabulous idea.

DIY Maven on Jan 23, 2011:

Astar--You know, I never even noticed all the other finishes! You're right. Not long ago I saw some bronze appliances at a local dealer. Wasn't sure about them, but with a penny countertop, they could be cool. Kind of steampunk-y, no? 

Astar on Jan 22, 2011:

The penny finish is really nice, but there are far too many finishes in that kitchen to be anywhere near tasteful.

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