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A Tiled Penny Floor is a Thing of Beauty

by on Jul 2, 2009

Yup, that’s right. It’s a floor that’s been tiled with thousands and thousands of pennies. If you’re in the NY area, visit The Standard Grill to see it in person. Having done my share of tiling with mosaic, I can’t even imagine. I really hope, for the sake of the back of the tilers, each penny was glued onto sheeting before it was laid. Up-close it’s a conversation starter for sure, but I’m loving the texture when viewed from a bit father away. And who knew thousands of pennies could look so lux?




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  1. I had to pull up my tile in the kitchen to replace a board can i put pennies right on the wood I am trying to find an answer to this as me & the kids would like to start the kitchen….