A Tiled Penny Floor is a Thing of Beauty


Yup, that's right. It's a floor that's been tiled with thousands and thousands of pennies. If you're in the NY area, visit The Standard Grill to see it in person. Having done my share of tiling with mosaic, I can't even imagine. I really hope, for the sake of the back of the tilers, each penny was glued onto sheeting before it was laid. Up-close it's a conversation starter for sure, but I'm loving the texture when viewed from a bit father away. And who knew thousands of pennies could look so lux?




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Vadie on Apr 12, 2014:

I had to pull up my tile in the kitchen to replace a board can i put pennies right on the wood I am trying to find an answer to this as me & the kids would like to start the kitchen....

opnorty on Apr 08, 2013:

All- I ended up using Liquid Nails small project adhesive.  I got about 950 pennies per 4 oz tube.  I glued them down to the concrete floor penny by penny.  Make sure you clean up the excess glue from the spaces between the pennies.  Otherwise you will have some of the grout lines replaced with residual glue.  Not pretty and very difficult to remove.

If you want to mix materials - pennies and tiles - the biggest issue would be to make sure the thicknesses of the tiles match the thicknesses of the pennies.  If they are not the same, or "close enough"  you might catch your feet on them as you are walking on the floor.  This could dislodge the tiles.  Just something to think about.

reefers on Apr 08, 2013:

getting ready to do my whole living room in multicolored pennies w/ chocolate truffle epoxy

Rita on Mar 08, 2013:

Another article

Holliday on Mar 05, 2013:

Does anybody know if you can combine regular tile square (or wood) and the pennies in a mosaic-type design for the floor? I was hoping to make large squares to with tile and then fill the inside with pennies.  Thanks!

Rob on Feb 28, 2013:

Does anyone know where I can get a jig to place the pennies.  I dont wan't to set the pennies one at a time as it would be both time consuming as well as difficult to maintain an even spacing.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2013:

What kind of glue is best for gluing the pennies down?

opnorty on Feb 22, 2013:

Roxy-I am wondering this same thing.  I am just about done glueing down pennies on my basement bathroom floor.  I used a latex based adhesive that came in tubes.  This weekend I am hoping to grout between the pennies.  I started talking to the people at a big blue box store and asked them what to use to seal it.  They actually recommended to use a water based floor polyurethane.  They had both water and oil based clear poly, but recommeded the water based since it would be more clear.  The oil based is more of an amber color.  I was originally asking for an oil based to avoid the pennies turning green, but they were a bit confused as to why this was happening.  From what they said, it shouldn't turn the pennies green since the water is only a solvent.  Once it dries, there is no water left, only the solids forming the protective layer.  That made sense to me, but I am not sure I am willing to risk it based on Linda's experience.

Roxy on Feb 22, 2013:

Anyone have any idea what Apoxsee or Polly they used we need one that's going to stand up to Years of wear...

Linda on Nov 29, 2012:

Warning, warning, Will Robinson. I just covered an old dresser with pennies and, without thinking, used a water-based polyurethane to cover it. All the pennies turned greeen!! I have to recover them now and was hoping to see whether there was any problem with an oil based poly??

opnorty on Oct 18, 2012:

One would think that it is 144 pennies per square foot, but it's not.  The pennies in the second row "nest" into the curvature of the 1st row.  Also, a penny is not 1" in diamter, it is 0.75 inches.  It is really more like 296 pennies per sf - 16 -pennies per foot in one direction and 18.5 pennies per foot in the other

Pretty cool look.  I am going to try this in my basement bathroom.

sustainable1 on Aug 06, 2012:

Hi, I am about to do my kitchen coutertop and am looking for a specific brand of Epoxy/Resin that will not scratch or have marks from something warm being placed on it. I read the reviews for System 3 and they were not all that good. Has anyone done this and been really happy with their clear coat, mine will be appoximately 3/16" thick.

Anonymous on Jul 27, 2012:

it is $1.44 per square foot

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2012:

What mesh are you ealking about Andy? As far as I know there is no mesh. I saw and read about it on FB. Nothing was said about mesh.

tony on Jul 15, 2012:

does anyone know of a formula to get close to a penny useage per square foot ?

Andy on Jul 06, 2012:

Where do you get the mesh???

Anonymous on Jul 04, 2012:

The Government had an issue with people mashing pennies for copper in the 1980's, The Government said that it cost more than a penny to make a penny, and it does. They also said that since they made the money it was their money and people could not go about mashing it up & smelting it for copper etc. The courts looked at it and said NO, once you give someone money for something, trade, labor etc. the money belongs to that person & if they want to use dollar bills to light cigars, so be it. It is their money. At that point the Government stopped making pennies out of copper and now make them from zinc and cover them in copper. So, it is your money to with as you wish, make, walls, floors, or dump it in the sea.


Penny Patterson on Jun 14, 2012:

Way cool my name is Penny and my nickname is one cent. I would love to do this in my kitchen. I'm already planing to purchase a cooper sink it would look great. I like the heads up and tails up since this shows the one cent.


Anonymous on Jun 13, 2012:

The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial has a part of the floor tiled with pennies sent in from school children from all over the world.  I have never looked at a penny in the same way after seeing that.

The DUH! factor on Jun 13, 2012:

To put all ?? to rest I saw this on my FB page and read about it. There is a hard resin covering the whole thing. If you want to know how, why don't you sign up on this page and i'm sure you can find out instead of scratching your head and wondering.

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