How to Make a Modern Walnut Desk

How to Make a Modern Walnut Desk

I had some left over veneered walnut from a bedside table that I designed.  I loved the look of the walnut desk from BoConcept (pictured below).  So, I decided to make a similar desk out of the left over wood.

created at: 08/11/2010

Photo: BoConcept.com

What you need:
- 3/4" Walnut veneered plywood (from 30 to 36" w x 54" to 60" long) - check for remnants
- Walnut veneer tape
- 4 polished or satin stainless steel legs
- Woodworking file
- Wood glue
- 1-1/2" Walnut veneer edge banding( Iron on recommended)
- Iron
- Low grit Sandpaper
- Teak Oil

1.  Cut board to size.  In this case 24 x 48.  Most retailers will have a table saw or try to find remnants close to the size - usually cheaper. 

2.  Create an 1-1/2" apron.  Since veneered plywood is only 3/4" thick, creating the allusion of an thicker edge, is key.  Rather than double up two sheets, create an apron which typically connects a table surface to the legs. Use the excess wood to cut two 2-1/2" x 48" strips and another two 2-1/2" x 19".  These strips will form the apron. 

3.  Glue down the 4 strips along the perimeter.  Align the edges, then glue the strips into place.  Use clamps to keep the strips in place.  Wait for about an hour.

4.  Apply the veneer tape.  Sand the edges down and wipe clean.  Then iron on the veneer tape.  Wait about 30 minutes for it to adhere.  Use a file to remove excess veneer tape.  Do this on all 4 sides.

5. Finishing. Sand the veneer lightly with a low grit sandpaper, eg 320.  Wipe with cloth.  Then apply three coats of Teak oil (I love to feel the wood grain and Teak oil brings out the rusty red tones in the walnut).  Let set for 2 hours min between applications and ensure that you also finish the apron with at least two coats of oil.

6.  Add the legs.  My legs are from 1" polished chrome tube legs from Hafele.  The following Vika Moliden legs from IKEA have a similar effect.

created at: 08/11/2010
created at: 08/11/2010

Photos: IKEA.com

7.  Add storage Storage is key, so I paired my desk with the TPS file cabinet from CB2.

The results: A functional solution to my desk needs and at a fraction of the price of the BoConcept inspiration.

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