How To Clean Vinyl Upholstery

How To Clean Vinyl Upholstery

Car seats, bar stools, patio furniture, boat cushions, vintage sofas, and ottomans are places you'll find vinyl upholstery fabric. There are some handy dos and don'ts you'll want to be aware of to clean off the grime without damaging the vinyl surface. Dos:

  • Use only warm water and soap
  • use a soft bristled brush to clean out the grime
  • rinse with a sponge and cold water
  • use only alkaline based cleaners to remove stubborn stains

Don't use:

  • solvents or acid based cleaners
  • household cleaners
  • dry cleaning fluids
  • steel wool
  • industrial cleaners
  • waxes
  • petroleum distillates
  • silicone oils
  • concentrated detergents
  • concentrated bleaches

Store vinyl cushions in a cool and dry room, not the basement or attic where mildew can set in.

If not using something covered in vinyl upholstery for a long time, cover it with a clean white cloth to prevent dust and sun damage.

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Anonymous on Oct 10, 2015:

I am having the same problem. What cleanser can be used? Thank you!

Barbara Blackburn on Aug 10, 2013:

Hi...thanks in advance for your help...we have a leather recliner chair with vinyl back and sides...there is no noticeable dirt or stains on it but it feels like a somewhat sticky film is on it...have tried soap and water and it still remains the same. ... Have tried a few other things on small areas that you can't see but nothing seems to work...can you help?

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