Get Your Hands On Used Kitchen Cabinets for Your Garage


Slick garage organization systems look great but could break your bank. A responsible alternative would be to use USED cabinets in the garage. The beauty of this is that you can turn off your "picky" radar. If they're missing a countertop-just add thick plywood and varnish it. If they're missing  knobs - go find anything that works. If they're missing a door or two-open storage is even easier. What if the wife wants uniformity? Paint them all the same color and be done with it. If you can only find upper cabinets, build your own open shelving underneath with a wood top that can double as a workbench. It's a simple and cheap way to pimp out your garage on a dime. Places to start looking for inexpensive, used cabinets:

  • Craig's List in your area
  • Garage sales (If it's a big neighborhood sale, ask around at different homes, someone may know someone who's remodeling their kitchen)
  • Thrift stores: The Habitat for Humanity Restores almost always have a  good selection of used cabinets
  • Cabinet Manufacturers Seconds: Reese Kitchens here in Indy has a "bone pile" of seconds. It's like a very focused thrifting adventure.
  • Remodelers: If you see some obvious remodeling going on, pop your head in and offer to haul the old cabinets off the property.
  • Restaurant Equipment Wholesalers or Retailers:  They're always replacing old kitchens, leave your name with them

You get the drift.

When you save money on garage storage, you'll have enough money left over to put down that sparkling epoxy floor you need (want) in your sacred garage.


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ruddiger on May 15, 2014:

A big thank you for doing the legwork and posting these sources.

Hollis Habeger on Dec 13, 2012:

I'm looking for (4) used kitchen cabinets that are 21" or 24" width for my workshop.  Must all have drawers... not doors.   Scratch & dent OK... mismatched OK...  any finish.   Std 35" height x approx. 22" depth.

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