How to Make Peel Off Fabric Wallpaper


Are you living in a leased space and your landlord forbids painting, wallpapering, and hammering into his precious walls? And are the blank walls are driving you nuts?  Here's a simple, easily reversible way to wallpaper your wall with fabric and strip it right off when you move. It's so simple, ReadyMade

tells you to soak a lightweight cotton fabric in a bucket of liquid starch. Then, with a brayer or straightedge, smooth the fabric onto the wall. A semi gloss painted wall works best for easy peel down. But what if you want to cover a wall wider than 45" (width of most lightweight cotton fabric). There are two ways to do it.

1. Find a fabric you can live with and stitch panels together to cover a wider wall

2. Buy coordinating flat bed sheets on sale, cut and stitch sections together to make big enough piece to cover the wall or do a "collage" or patchwork effect by mixing it up


3. Cut strips of fabrics, measure across a wall, and adhere strips of fabric

4. Just do one long strip, vertically down a wall as a backdrop, or horizontally above a desk or bed

When you cut the fabric, you may have fraying of the fabric, you can stop that with FrayCheck, available at the fabric store.

When you're ready to skedaddle, strip off the fabric, give the walls a good washing with soapy water and be ready to get your deposit back.

Tip: Often, Goodwill sells brand new bedding from Target. I don't know what that arrangement is, but it could mean new sheets to wallpaper with, at a low price.

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pam stone on Nov 03, 2013:

Hi I lovethis idea and wantto do the wallbehindmy sink andstove top  can

you use wallpaper paste and is there anything you can apply over the material

to make it water/stain proof? thanksa bunch

Blue on Dec 19, 2011:

will this work on logs? i live in a log cabin and while i desperately wish i could paint some walls, it is strictly forbidden! sigh....so any thoughts?

greenp3a on Jul 12, 2010:

Love it, now i am trying on my new apartment.

really distinguish look,but i haven't find the correct mix.

wish me luck. oh yeah by the way, nice post bro...

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 12, 2010:

Eeewwww. I better not leave it up too long. How do you know if you have silverfish?


kris on Jul 12, 2010:

i love the idea of this too, but on another similar tutorial a commentor brought up the fact that silverfish reeeeeeally dig on eating starch! so something to think about, if you've already got the suckers. don't want 'em climbing your headboard for a snack *shudders*

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 09, 2010:

Did this project today and I highly recommend it. It was easy, not that messy and adds alot of pizazz to our guest room. I'll let you know how it goes when I'm ready to peel it off.

Chrys on Jul 08, 2010:

have heard of this before. A lot of military families do this since you can't often paint military housing. From what I understand, it comes off fairly easy. Can be applied to furniture too!

Giovanna Gonzales on Jul 07, 2010:

hey guys...im just starting on the curbly craze and love every minute im on it...!!!...im very interested in the whole bed sheets on my asylum walls...i live in an apartment that im not allowed to paint in...if anyone can give me tips on how to get this started i would be appriciative and im eager to get it started...like how do i make it stick to the wall ... thank you...

honey924 on Jul 07, 2010:

What a brilliant idea. Thanks for posting.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 07, 2010:

Bruno-I'm going to try it today and tomorrow for my Star project (as an alternative to a headboard). I'll let you know how it goes. I imagine you squeeze out the drippy starch in the bucket and apply to the wall. Wash off drips and dry up the mess with a towel.

bruno on Jul 07, 2010:

Awesome. I'd love to see more examples. Seems like the installation could get messy (all that starch everywhere). 

alicia on Jul 07, 2010:

What an amazing idea. I only wish I'd known about it when I moved into my first apartment - the one with the insane-asylum-white walls and popcorn ceilings. The fabric-papered walls are stunning!

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